Homemade Bomb Injures Yonsei University Professor

Via reader tip comes this story of a Yonsei University professor injured by a homemade bomb.  Hopefully this professor was not too seriously injured and is able to recover quickly:

A special police force unit enters Engineering Hall 1 at Yonsei University in western Seoul on Tuesday after a homemade bomb detonated in a professor’s office on the fourth floor. [YONHAP]

A homemade bomb containing screws, gunpowder and batteries went off at Yonsei University in western Seoul on Tuesday morning, injuring a professor after he opened the mysterious box that had been left hanging on the doorknob of his office door.The professor, surnamed Kim, who works at the School of Mechanical Engineering, arrived at his office on the fourth floor of Engineering Hall 1 on Tuesday morning and found a paper bag hanging on the doorknob to his office. Inside was a box.

Kim brought the bag into his office, took out the box, and opened it. The bomb went off immediately. It was around 8:40 a.m.

He suffered first and second degree burns on his wrist, arm, chest and neck, and was treated at Severance Hospital next to the university campus.

About 70 police officers were dispatched to the university. They quarantined Engineering Hall 1, but did not find any more bombs and ended the quarantine at 1 p.m.

The culprit was not identified as of Tuesday afternoon. Police have begun examining the CCTV camera footage from the building, but said the scope of the two cameras on the fourth floor of the building does not entirely cover the door to Kim’s office.  [Joong Ang Ilbo]

You can read more at the link, but don’t bother because the article speculates whether this was an ISIS terrorist attack.  I doubt ISIS has a mechanical engineering professor at Yonsei University high on their hit list.  This more than likely had to have been linked to a disgruntled student.

Here is a picture of the homemade bomb:

Suspected bomb explodes at university campus

This photo provided by a Yonhap reader shows the explosive device that went off at a Yonsei University campus building on June 13, 2017. A professor suffered minor burns from the blast traced to a delivered parcel that was left outside his office. Witnesses said they saw nails fly in the air when the parcel exploded. (Yonhap)

Hopefully authorities are able to get fingerprint or other physical evidence from the bomb fragments.



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  1. What kind of crappy engineers is Yonsei turning out these days?

    Physics 101 tells you the threaded plastic top of the drink container will blow off long before the integrity of the double-walled stainless steel body will be lost.

    If one intentionally chooses to make a directional “bomb” like this, there must be a bright sticker on top, “Look here when opening for BIG SURPRISE!”

  2. As expected the bomber was a university student:

    Authorities arrested a 25-year-old graduated student on Tuesday night after he confessed to making the bomb that exploded at Yonsei University in western Seoul that morning, injuring his professor.

    The student, surnamed Kim, confessed to authorities that he made the bomb at home and left it hanging on the door of the professor’s office on the fourth floor of Engineering Hall 1 on Tuesday morning.

    The bomb detonated when the professor, a 47-year-old surnamed Kim, opened it. Kim was treated at Severance Hospital for first and second degree burns on his wrists, chest, face and neck. [Joong Ang Ilbo]

    Supposedly the student was unhappy with low grades he received from the professor.

  3. “Supposedly the student was unhappy with low grades he received from the professor.”

    The professor should send him a report card in jail with a D- in bombmaking.

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