Group of Foreigners on the Run in South Korea After Stealing $316,000

I wonder if this guy was scammed into making some kind of large cash purchase of real estate by the group with the intent of robbing him?:

Six foreigners are on the run after stealing a bag of cash from Seoul Station earlier this month.

The bandits, from countries including Mexico and Colombia, stole 360 million won ($316,000) from a Korean man at a fast food restaurant at the train station in Jung-gu, on Aug. 2, according to Seoul Namdaemun Police on Monday.

Three men and three women were involved, of whom at least some had left Korea, police said.

They said the gang had waited for the victim at the station and followed him into the restaurant.

The man left his bag on a table and went to place an order with the cashier while a person with him kept an eye on the bag.

But gang members distracted him by dropping money on the floor. The others snatched the bag and fled.  [Korea Times]

You can read more at the link.

Korean Tourists Attacked and Robbed By Rioters In Paris

It looks like Paris has their own example of apparent police misconduct being used as an excuse by thugs to riot and rob:

A group of South Korean tourists in Paris were robbed of their train tickets and one passport in what appeared to be a case linked to the recent unrest over alleged police brutality, officials said Sunday.

Some 40 Korean tourists were on a bus to their hotel around 9 p.m. Saturday (local time) when three or four black men boarded the bus and fled with the tourists’ Eurostar tickets and the passport of the group’s Korean tour guide, according to officials at the South Korean Embassy in Paris.

The men shouted and brandished what appeared to be glass bottles and struck some of the tourists on their heads. The group included children and senior citizens.

An official at the embassy urged caution in the suburbs north of Paris where the hotel is located, citing safety concerns. More than 2,000 protesters gathered in the nearby suburb of Bobigny the same day to express support for a 22-year-old black man who was alleged raped and subjected to unnecessary violence by police officers during his arrest on Feb. 2.  [Yonhap]

Here is a Arirang News report about the attack:

First Reported Bank Robbery Occurred Recently In North Korea

The first reported bank robbery has happened in North Korea.  This is something pretty audacious to try in North Korea.  It looks like the bank employees are in big trouble:

Staffs work at a North Korean bank. / Courtesy of

North Korea has now suffered its first bank robbery.

The unknown robbers infiltrated the Shinam branch of the Central Bank of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the city of Cheongjin, North Hamgyong Province, on Apr 4, Radio Free Asia reported Thursday citing a source from the province.

The robbers broke into the bank’s main entrance and stole an unspecified amount of cash, the source said. The bank is currently out of service. The provincial police assumed there was an accomplice inside the bank.

After the incident at the branch, other branches of the bank beefed up security by bringing in more security personnel. Shinam branch took care of many customers compared with other branches because it mainly brokered trades. [Korea Times]

You can read more at the link.

North Korea Attempted To Steal $1 Billion from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Is this a sign that sanctions are working that the Kim regime has had to resort to bank robbery?:

north korea nuke

Security researchers have tied the recent spate of digital breaches on Asian banks to North Korea, in what they say appears to be the first known case of a nation using digital attacks for financial gain.

In three recent attacks on banks, researchers working for the digital security firm Symantec said, the thieves deployed a rare piece of code that had been seen in only two previous cases: the hacking attack at Sony Pictures in December 2014 and attacks on banks and media companies in South Korea in 2013. Government officials in the United States and South Korea have blamed those attacks on North Korea, though they have not provided independent verification.

On Thursday, the Symantec researchers said they had uncovered evidence linking an attack at a bank in the Philippines last October with attacks on Tien Phong Bank in Vietnam in December and one in February on the central bank of Bangladesh that resulted in the theft of more than $81 million.

“If you believe North Korea was behind those attacks, then the bank attacks were also the work of North Korea,” said Eric Chien, a security researcher at Symantec, who found that identical code was used across all three attacks.

“We’ve never seen an attack where a nation-state has gone in and stolen money,” Mr. Chien added. “This is a first.”  [New York Times]

You can read more at the link, but they actually almost stole $1 billion from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This is just another example of the danger posed by the Kim regime and why all efforts should be made to isolate and strangle the regime economically until it collapses.