KB Kookmin Bank Criticized for Marching New Employees 100 Kilometers and Giving Out Contraceptive Pills

This sounds like one of these only in Korea stories:

KB Kookmin Bank has come under fire for holding a grueling 100 kilometer march for its recruits and reportedly giving out oral contraceptive pills to its new female employees — a large portion of which are under 30 — during the training period.

According to the news report from a local daily, the commercial bank gave the pills to the employees to control their menstrual cycles before they go on a 100-kilometer overnight march. The bank has traditionally carried out the marching event every year to boost the morale of the rookies, the report said.

The bank explained that it provided the pill for the health of female employees who are on their period, as they could feel relatively more exhausted than their male co-workers during the harsh schedule. The employees were not forced to take the pill, the bank added.

The act, however, caused a public backlash after it was revealed on Monday.  [Korea Herald]

You can read more at the link, but the bank did not mandate the use of the pills, it was optional if the female employees needed it.  As far as marching 100 kilometers if the new employees knew this was something they would have to complete for initial training and were being paid I don’t see what the big deal is?