Is Kim Jong-un to Blame for Parasite Epidemic Within North Korea?

As much as I don’t like Kim Jong-un I don’t think it is fair to blame him for a parasite epidemic when it wasn’t too long ago when South Koreans were doing the same thing and having the same problems:

The hermit nation’s leader issued an instruction to farmers in 2014 telling them to use human faeces with animal waste and organic compost on their fields. With a lack of livestock to provide animal fertilizer, agriculturists poured the human excrement, also known as “night soil”, on their fields.

Kim’s pronouncement further precipitated  the falsehood in North Korea that human waste was the best fertilizer for crops despite the dangerous parasites and worms found within in it, Reuters reported.

The nutrition and widespread health problems that blight North Korea have been highlighted by one North Korean soldier who has recently defected to the south. The army sergeant was found to have dozens of flesh colored parasites in his digestive tract, one of which measured 10.6 inches in length.  [Newsweek]

You can read the rest at the link, but I can remember about 20 years ago I was out near the Imjim River in South Korea during a military training exercise.  From my Bradley Fight Vehicle we could see this old Korean woman in the distance walk into a rice paddy pull her pants down, squat, and take a dump right there in the field.  And no she did not wipe afterwards.  Seeing that made me laugh nearly as hard as when I was flashed by a Korean transvestite while driving in a HMMWV in Dongducheon.



I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. “Seeing that made me laugh nearly as hard as when I was flashed by a Korean transvestite while driving in a HMMWV in Dongducheon.”

    You are dating yourself.

    Smokes hasn’t been there in years.

  2. I called it! I said on the post about the north Korean soldier that the Great Leader’s policies cause this.

  3. Is KJU to blame for world parasites?
    Heck yeah!
    Fat little rocket man feeds worms AND starves people!

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