The US Army’s “Pinks and Greens” Uniform Demoed at AUSA Convention

Considering how good the old “pinks and greens” uniform looks it is a shame the US Army ever went away from it in the first place:

At AUSA PEO Soldier is demonstrating a prototype World War Two Pinks and Greens-style service dress uniform.

SGT Schacher and SFC Johnson wear prototypes of male and female versions of the uniform. This is only a prototype, intended to solicit feedback and there is currently no requirement for a new Service uniform. However, if this concept is adopted by the Army, the final uniforms will be different.  [Soldier Systems]

You can see additional photos at the link, but imagine how awesome this uniform would look if soldiers were allowed to wear “The Ike Jacket” with it as well:

I think the biggest challenge that would prevent this change is simple uniform change fatigue.  The Army has gone through so many uniform changes in the past few years leaders may be hesitant to make another change; even a change that would be for the better.



I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Are you shitting me? Another uniform change? Stop wasting time and money on what’s clearly bullshit meant to honor a generation that’s absolutely been over-honored.

  2. Smokes. I don’t think this generation has been over honored. My father was a Marine in the Battle of Okinawa, I never saw near the carnage he experienced. But, to the point, we don’t need another Uniform. each generation needs it’s own. Marines are always the darlings of course.

  3. I suspect for most service members their eyes roll every time there is discussion of a uniform change and they see pictures of models in Class A uniforms.

    Class A’s are the tuxedos of uniforms. They are the most expensive items in the kit and many people who weren’t predominantly in staff and ceremony positions can count the number of times they’ve actually worn it in a 20+ year career.

    I’ve had Class A’s in my closet through one or two uniform redesigns that I never wore. I only attended formal functions when I absolutely had to. I decided not to buy the new versions until I knew I would have to wear it.

    Then they felt they needed a real tuxedo dress uniform, with cumberbun and bowtie and all. Jeeze … roll Needless to say, I never even considered buying one of those.

    You could get by for a long time with just Class B’s and utility uniforms.

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