I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. We’ve been watching reruns of 2 Days 1 Night and building up a list of nice touristy pkaces to visit next time we’re back.

    Does anyone have experience with the train service fro. Seoul to the east coast? What about renting “pensions” near the beach over near Sokcho?


  2. There has been many incidents perpetrated by North Korean since the Korean war; USS Pueblo Incident, axe murders, sinking of Chonam navy ship, Downing Korean Air Flight 858, North Korean are some bad dudes. And the weird thing is, they live to do it again and again and again, Pretty much a cat with nine lives. I don’t understand how DPRK and Saudi Arabia can get away with anything but countries like Iraq, Libya and Iran get jump on if they sneeze wrong. North DPRK must have some type of force field defense shield for protection. This is really creepy. US can’t touch them, no matter what they do. never think I see the day America take a back seat to a gang of thugs. The world is totally fuck, goes to show you, if you don’t stand for something you will stand for anything. May god help us, osp! but god only help those who help themselves…..we’ve are f……………….

  3. Apparently, the Chinese trolls are just as loathsome as our domestic variety. I thought someone had tracked fertilizer into the area; but it was just the new pro-nork pajama boy.

  4. setnaffa said: “And again, do any of you have experience renting a vacation cottage/ pension/ hotel/ condo in Gangneung?”

    Sheesh someone doesn’t read my posts, I’ve only told about 4 long stories on my travels there.

    If you’re going the pension or 민박 route firstly if you can’t read Korean well get someone who can and scour every review and photo of any 민박 you are thinking of going to because they use that word VERY liberally. There were several times we ended up in a room of some aging house they lazily “converted” into a guest room. I highly suggest you just get a hotel room (not a love hotel twisted ).

    I would HIGHLY suggest not to stay at Gyeongpo; yes I know Koreans say it’s the best but they don’t know f-all about the beach. It’s crammed tight with 500 overpriced seafood stores which all have some shit deal with the local government that gives them rights over the parking nearby which means you basically can’t park anywhere along the main strip if you aren’t a customer of said shop. The beach itself is the atypical “jam everyone into small roped-off areas near the umbrella squads”. Stay somewhere else, you can always drive up the coastal road to it to visit. Good luck parking, try the backside of the lake.
    Stayed at a hotel there once and hated it.

    If you want Gyeongpo’ish without all the crap I suggest The Good House at Anmok Beach:
    It’s centrally located so you can scoot north or south to other beaches or attractions and the main road westward into town is right there. If you’re lucky you can go like 30 seconds up the road north to where there’s a Cozy Coffee on the left, the beach across the street from there is umbrella-free and you have tons of room to chill but the last time we went the gov. closed that section off for some preservation crap (likely story).
    Our favorite place overall.

    If you want to go native (not for everyone) go further south to Dungmyeong Beach, it’s a military beach (just means they close it at like 10p or 11p). It’s real low key with little retail nearby. The actual entrance to the beach has a few tents with food/Noreabang with Koreans camping out in tents all around in the woods. We stayed at DaWoo Resort (resort my ass):
    Cool place but it’s pretty remote.

    Neat attractions: just north up the road is the North Korean spy sub and some RoK naval vessel, you can go walk around inside them. South down the road is the Sun Cruise Resort, a hotel made from a huge cruise ship built atop a big hill. Don’t stay there, it’s way overpriced, disappointing overall, a little run down in the rooms, and they have PA’s in all the rooms and make 200 announcements each day. Just visit, tour the grounds, take pics. There’s a real nice public flower garden somewhere on the southeast edge of the city but I forget where, maybe someone can tell you.

    Last tip, if you’re like me and favor western breakfasts you either need to bring your own and cook each day or you’re going to Café Bene like I had to because other than going into town to hit McD’s or something you’re screwed. It’s all seafood at the beach.

  5. setnaffa you also asked about the trains out that way, we only went up to Sokcho once and I wasn’t really paying attention but Gangneung has a train station so I assume you can get from Seoul to Gangneung, how? No idea. smile

    If you do train out there and you’re leaving the station, don’t veer to the right, that’s where ChickenHead hangs out (hence all the blurring)!

    Woah.. the train station’s gone… heh hmm… don’t know what to tell ya man. It was there 3 years ago. We drove out there so hmm… yeahh…

  6. Thanks Smokes! Wife does a fair job of Korean language…

    Sorry about missing your earlier posts. Last 20 months or so I’ve been kinda busy with doctors and such; and I don’t have any memory of stuff before that except the former location contest…

  7. @Smokes
    There’s nothing wrong with crashing in a Love Hotel! Did that on a long bike ride. Stayed at a motel in Wonju, rolled down to Gwangju the next day. At first, they didn’t want me to take my bike up to the room, but when I demanded my money back, they suddenly became more accommodating.

    The couple next door banged out for about an hour, then after that, sweet silence.

  8. And here I thought we would have an open thread without inane comments. A boy can dream.

  9. We don’t read your stuff, Fake. We just downvote it with a sigh and move on.

    You could post the cure to cancer and we’d click down until you vanish.

    Besides, you find us boring. Go away, and find something interesting.

  10. GI, they look like “dead right there” if they try that in a community without Democrat control of the police…

  11. “Judging from the below picture the counter-protesters look more like rioters to me:”

    Press approved presidential commentary:
    “Cool bat, antifa dude! How’s about a trip to the Whitehouse?”

  12. Definition of terrorism:
    “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

  13. I’m thinking about copying and pasting Chickenhead responses to trolls from the past. It would be cathartic at least.

  14. @Liz, it appears the antifa rioters are only going to get worse considering how the media is giving them a free pass. My concern is that after Charlottesville these despicable neo-Nazi groups are going to arm themselves and respond much more violently the next time something like this happens. The car ramming I think is a symptom of this happening and many in the media I think want this to happen.

  15. I’ve backed off my disapproval of labeling the Dodge Charger idiot a domestic terrorist. I’m still strongly against just using charged labels for the F of it but in this particular instance I guess it fits. In no way does this absolve the ANTIFA crowd of their role in the whole affair.

    I see the left is using a tactic they often employ, trying to obfuscate the wrong doing of the people who fought the kkk’ers with the whole vehicular incident. By deviously blending the two separate issues they can shut down anyone trying to question the ANTIFA people by claiming their defending the actions of the guy in the car.

  16. The US military condemns “hatred and bigotry”.
    I, too (and I the rest of folks here with the exception of the troll) also condemn hatred and bigotry.
    I see it coming from two opposing sides.

  17. “Baksu, baksu”

    Dude really? Like maybe 2 people here knows what that means. hmm You seem to have this place confused with the Marmot’s Hole. unamused

  18. THAAD environmental impact assessment postponed again after Seongju resident objections

    This came out before the 15 Aug assessment but what I found funny was the following:
    “adding that a USFK general was scheduled to apologize at that time for “the careless actions shown by USFK soldiers during the equipment movement process on Apr. 26.” USFK soldiers were previously condemned for their “disdainful” behavior during the driving of THAAD launcher vehicles to the Seongju golf course site in April, including grinning and taking pictures of the clash between police and residents trying to stop the delivery.”

    So it’s disdainful to grin? Can’t take photos of people acting like morons in public? Still important to note though that:
    a) Koreans still are tops at acting like 4 year olds with shitty diapers when they don’t get their way.
    b) USFK is still playing the apology game like dumbasses.
    c) The Hankyoreh is still a worthless rag probably funded by the DPRK.

  19. The Korea Times finds way to bring up the Yangju Highway Accident in regards to the THAAD Photo Incident
    Gen. Vandal’s apology

    “One example is the 2002 Yangju Highway Incident where a U.S. military vehicle crushed two Korean girls to death. Then, the USFK dragged its feet, letting the incident grow out of proportion in a major PR fiasco.”

    Yeah the whole thing was USFK’s fault. Korean’s are just fault-free in everything. hmm

  20. @Smokes, thanks for sharing the link. The Korea Times does not know what it is talking about. USFK and 2ID leaders apologized after the incident happened and even had the soldiers face a court martial strictly for PR purposes.

  21. Between Burma Bob claiming to be a US Veteran and yet sliming us like he worked for the Norkistani Propaganda Ministry, Denny posting the tbone links in at least two threads every time, and Tbone’s latest iterations, I’m not enjoying this place any more.

    Maybe it was the cancer; but I just don’t have time, energy, or motivation to respond to the trolls any more, even to the point of downvoting them. I’m going to spend my time online studying.

    May you all find Christ.

  22. Life is short, Setnaffa. Sometimes I find myself investing a lot of time in responses on here and wonder if it is worth it.

    I don’t post as much as I used to, but it’s still good to peruse for worthwhile news stories and opinions of the sane and like minded.

  23. Does anyone get the sense that the media coverage on Trump’s responses to Charlottesville seems a little too coordinated?

    I suspect that he neither gained or lost supporters over it.

    I am wondering if more people are beginning to realize that there is widespread violence coming from the extreme left as well as the extreme right in instances where the two clash in the streets.

    What worries me about this is there appears to be a large number of young adults who feel it is justified to perpetrate violence on someone whom you disagree with politically.

    One side has views that reasonable people find offensive and disgusting. They are rightfully condemned by politicians and the press when they attack others.

    The other side seems to have gotten a free pass for their political or racial violence by the media and politicians.

  24. “Does anyone get the sense that the media coverage on Trump’s responses to Charlottesville seems a little too coordinated?”


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