I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Iran Nuclear Deal still in tact after 2 years despite Trump’s LIE saying it’s the worst deal ever he’ll “tear it up day one.” IAEA has thus far found that Iran is following the deal!

    Now we know what the US State Department was hiding during the overthrow of Iran’s Mossadeq.
    “The State Department has finally released a much-awaited volume of internal documents from 1951 to 1954, the period during which Mohammad Mossadeq was prime minister of Iran. The department is obliged to publish 30-year-old documents in its annual series entitled Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS). The original volume for the Mossadeq period, published in 1989, was so skimpy—with long gaps of any communications between the embassy in Tehran and the department in Washington, especially during heightened crises—that many academics, including the American Historical Association, lodged official complaints.

    In 1991, the State Department, under congressional pressure, promised to issue a new version of the volume. This was delayed at first because the clearance was needed from a “third party” (UK) mentioned in some documents, and then because the US did not want to “jeopardize” the on-going nuclear negotiations with Iran. The present volume, billed as a “retrospective,” contains 375 documents totaling 970 pages. It includes not only embassy communications but also the minutes of the meetings of the National Security Council and the CIA on discussions of Iran…

    …Although many insist the coup had nothing to do with petroleum, the 375 documents end with a grand finale summarizing the 1954 Oil Consortium Agreement. This agreement in effect de-nationalized the industry and handed control over to the major Western oil companies.

    The terms “alternative facts,” “deep states,” and “electoral collusion” may not have been in circulation back in 1951-54. But the concepts were very much present in the US tool kit. Anyone interested in the workings of imperialism in a semi-colonial state would learn much wading through this morass of badly written and turgid double-speak.”

  2. NY Times details how “reverence for Putin” in right-wing media helps Trump run from his Russia scandal
    “A report from The New York Times highlighted how an ongoing, years-long(decade) trend of right-wing media figures praising Russian President Vladimir Putin has helped President Donald Trump downplay the fast-growing Russian scandal surrounding himself, his family, and his administration.

    Right-wing media has long been obsessed with Putin’s masculinity and authoritarian tendencies. In 2013, Fox News analyst Ralph Peters, when speaking about Putin said, “I respect that guy,” adding “he presents himself as a real He-Man.” The same year, Matt Drudge tweeted “Putin is the leader of the free world.” previously published a “must watch” video of “Putin doing macho things.” And Fox host Kimberly Guilfoyle once said she wanted Putin to be US president for 48 hours in order to defeat ISIS.

    Essentially, right-wing media effectively built a normalization machine working to sanitize Putin, and it had results.

    In a July 14 New York Times article, Jeremy Peters noted that while “such fondness for Mr. Putin fell outside the Republican Party’s mainstream” previously it became a widely held sentiment in the conservative movement by the time Mr. Trump started running for president in 2015.” Peters wrote that “the veneration of Mr. Putin helps explain why revelations about Russia’s involvement in the election … and Mr. Trump’s reluctance to acknowledge it, have barely penetrated the consciousness of the president’s conservative base.” Media Matters President Angelo Carusone added that the mythologizing of Putin by right-wing media has led to him enjoying “a Paul Bunyan-esque persona among this audience.” From the July 14 article:
    [Years before the words “collusion” and “Russian hacking” became associated with President Vladimir V. Putin, some prominent Republicans found far more laudatory ways to talk about the Russian leader.
    “Putin decides what he wants to do, and he does it in half a day,” Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York mayor and longtime friend and adviser to President Trump, gushed in 2014.
    Mr. Putin was worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, K. T. McFarland said in 2013, before going on to serve a brief and ill-fated stint as Mr. Trump’s deputy national security adviser.
    “A great leader,” “very reasoned,” and “extremely diplomatic,” was how Mr. Trump himself described Mr. Putin that same year]…Read the Rest

  3. U.S.-China trade talks sputtering at 100-day deadline.
    “Bilateral talks aimed at reducing the U.S. trade deficit with China have yielded some initial deals, but U.S. firms say much more needs to be done as a deadline for a 100-day action plan expires on Sunday(today).

    The U.S. goods trade deficit with China reached $347 billion last year. The gap in the first five months of 2017 widened about 5.3 percent from a year earlier, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.”

    Some “Art of the Deal Maker” that Trump…aye? The deficit has RISEN 5.3% with LIAR Trump, sad! Trump is a LOSER!!

  4. Sometime i would like to look at this and see Korean topics….

  5. Amen. And mea culpa. I hope the following might serve as a beginning toward my penance:

    1. Anyone near Osan AB: Are you willing to visit the shopping area and check out prices for me on what amounts to replica WW2 Army Air Corps shirts (two pockets, epaulets, khaki, etc.) in cotton and wool? Or at least recommend a tailor among the dozens out front?

    2. Anyone near Osan AB: Has anyone in the last 5 years bought anything custom from Mike’s Arcade or Mike’s All Season?

    3. Anyone near Sokcho: Can anyone comment on the best spot for a short rental stay (maybe a week) by the ocean (i.e., what the Koreans call a “pension”)? Train vs. Bus from Seoul?

    4. Anyone: Do any of you watch 2 Days, 1 Night? Is it still on?

    5. Anyone near Paju: Have you been to KINTEX? Is it seasonal or day trip material?

    6. Anyone on the west coast: Have you been to the seafood markets in Daecheon south of Boryeong? Do you know a better place near Songtan/Pyeongtaek?

    7. Anyone: Have you seen that waterfall on the beach in Jeju-do? Is Jeju-do worth the airfare from Seoul?

  6. “7. Anyone: Have you seen that waterfall on the beach in Jeju-do? Is Jeju-do worth the airfare from Seoul?”

    I drove to Mokpo, put my car on a ferry, and drove around Jeju for a week… pretty much every paved road.


    But you MUST have a car so you can go 500 meters down the road where 50 tourist busses filled with 2500 noisy Chinese are not around…. though with all the THAAD conflict, there may be fewer.

    There are an amazing number of interesting things to see where there are no tourists… and a car gets you on the small roads to see them.

    I went there years ago on a bus tour and didn’t think much of it… but after seeing the real Jeju, I’m sold…

    …quite different than the rest of Korea… even found a old neighborhood that felt like a 1950s American neighborhood with little picket fences and old concrete houses that kinda looked like copies of American designs of a bygone era… well kept up.

    Food sucks… like pretty much every island from Guam to Hawaii. If you want fish, it is frozen from Norway. Side dishes are all kelps and squigglers and slimes. Jeju pork is in the tourist areas… good enough but nothing special. Locals seem to eat rather poorly compared to mainland Korea.

    Fields of cactus in the northwest, nice farmland and living in the southwest, touristy stuff like convention center/duty free/non-Jeju museums/in the South, nice ocean views with dilapidated fish processing factories and not-intetesting raw fish places in the southeast, resorts on the east, cute little fishing towns turned into beachfront condos on the northeast (including one with an amazingly clean and modern international feel unlike anything in Korea), windfarms on the north, horses and volcanos inland to the east of Halla.

    Excellent if you have a car and some time… miserable if you hit the popular spots on a bus filled with Chinese.

  7. Whats Hot on the Spending
    Trend Fear Market Since Trump?
    1. Preparations for the apocalypse.
    2. Firearms—for black and LGBT folks
    3. Long-term birth control
    4. Meditation and yoga
    5. Encrypted messaging apps
    6. Psychotherapy(Around the country, numerous therapists reported a flood of new—and newly traumatized—patients after Trump’s win.)
    7. Dystopian fiction(Can’t afford even the most basic underground bunker? Prepare for the worst by reading classic books depicting how truly bad corrupt authoritarian fascism can be. That’s what millions of people did in the weeks after Trump won. Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here” and George Orwell’s “1984” all returned to the top levels of bestseller lists).

  8. Is Trump sick? Biographer says president seems weak and ‘less steady on his feet’(Trump holds on to others for steadiness-Melanoma left alone)
    “During a discussion of President Donald Trump’s painfully awkward handshakewith French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump biographer and longtime observer David Cay Johnston noted that the president seems weak and unsteady on his feet.

    After revealing that the French government contacted him before the election was even decided to consult with him about Trump’s bizarre handshake style, Johnston said, “I also think that one thing that may not be noted by most people is that I suspect the president wanted to halt the little stroll that they were having.”

    Macron and Trump — who is volubly averse to exercise — had taken about 10 steps together as cameras swarmed around them.

    “I’ve noted in recent weeks that he doesn’t seem as vigorous,” Johnston said. “He doesn’t seem as steady on his feet. When he’s walking with someone he’ll pause often to point out something or chat, but I also think he may be steadying himself so that’s something for us to watch out for.”

  9. Expect Trump & Co. to rid of the “U.S. Census Bureau data” for obvious reasons(wouldn’t want math or science to track Trump now would we?).

  10. At least 21 states were hacked but which ones isn’t known because Trump denies it ever happened…

    A post-election report by the South Carolina State Election Commission says there were nearly 150,000 attempts to hack into the state’s voter registation system on Election Day alone.

    But, there “isn’t any there there” and it’s a “nothing burger.”

    Mind you, this was a state where Trump won with 54.9%. It suggests that swing states were targeted even more intensely, according to the Wall St. Journal.

  11. His approval rating is down to 38% percent now. Ha!

  12. WAPO/Washington Post & ABC have it at 36% and Trump is defending it by saying that’s good(TEEHEE), but he has dementia.

  13. So now you have something against Chinese people as well?

  14. Well, they’ve gotten their statistics right on Trump time and again so why question.

  15. Just to add:
    I think we’re hitting peak troll in here.
    So…I’ll do my part and refrain from feeding hereafter (you’re welcome).

  16. Still clinging to that hope that Trump only won due to hacking eh? You guys crack me up and fully deserve the shitstorm of ridiculousness that’s coming for the next Democrat to be president. You thought the Birther Movement was bad? Just wait and see what the Repubs do to your next Crook in Chief as payback for the current stupidity. Dems and Repubs, f’ing the US up since 1829. sad

  17. Tbone has a girlfriend. Oh. Sorry. I didn’t mean to assume your gender.

  18. “So now you have something against Chinese people as well?”

    Hmmm… not really.

    If Koreans aren’t fulfilling my needs for noise, sweat, stink, snot, spit, litter, and somebody to perpetually block my walkway, Chinese tourists are my favorite solution.

  19. Russian Hacking…

    Comey on Russian intrusion into Hillary’s illegal server: We don’t need to look at the server because Russians hackers would perfectly cover their tracks.

    Comey on Russian intrusion into the DNC’s server: We don’t need to look at the server because a third party assures us Russian hackers left their footprints all over it.

    Bonus Material: When those in the ruling elite make nonsensical statements or suddenly go against good sense or their usual views and habits, it is easy to suspect that someone higher up has an NSA file documenting things like all the insider trading they did or all the ladyboy pr0n they look at.

  20. I called up the public number to the White House. When the operator answered, I asked to speak to Hillary Clinton. Of course she said that Hillary wasn’t there. I thanked her and hung up.

    This got to be a bit of a habit. I found myself calling 2 or 3 times a day. The operator was pretty patient, always telling me Hillary wasn’t there.

    Finaly, I guess she had enough. She asked me why I continued to call and ask for Hillary when I always got the same answer that Hillary isn’t in the White House.

    I told her I keep calling because that sounds so good to hear.

    In related news, every time Tbone spews any of his nonsense here, it feels so good to read… his anger, desperation, and disbelief in a Trump presidency is so satisfying. I had forgotten how much I actually missed his frustrated and impotent comments… not because they have anything to contribute… but because they represent his angry unhappiness… which brings a smile to my face.

    Say it Tbone… Preeesident Trump.

  21. Since you mentioned it a while back:

    “”As far as the Trump administration’s efforts on immigration, this is something they campaigned heavily on,” he said. “At six months, where we are on meeting those promises, we are seeing nothing short of miraculous. If you look at the rhetoric that President Trump has given, it has caused a number of illegal border crossings to go down. We have never seen such a drop that we currently have.”
    The nonpartisan Border Patrol union endorsed Trump during last year’s election, making it the first time it backed a presidential candidate, a move Judd said was done “strictly based upon border security.”

    It’s worth noting that Latinos make up over half of the Border Patrol agents.

  22. Obama didn’t expect the GOP to help Putin hack us, but they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Trump Gives Visas to tens of thousands of foreigners while saying “Hire Americans!” Trump the Hypocrite ~

    Trump unveiled his “Made in America” theme for the week today. His administration will promote products manufactured here in the United States.

    The irony of it all is that most of Donald Trump’s own products are not made in America.

    His shirts are made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras, and Vietnam. His suits are made — not the ones he wears, the ones he sells with his brand — are made in Indonesia and Mexico.

    Trump eyeglasses, branded eyeglasses are made in China. Trump’s mirrors, vases, wall decor, kitchen items, and lighting are made in China as well.

    Trump’s hotel pens and toiletries for the Trump properties. They are made in China and in Taiwan.

    Ivanka Trump’s clothing line consists of ZERO products made in America. The rest are made in China, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia.

    What about Trump’s “Hire Americans” LIE you ask?


    U.S. allows more seasonal workers as Trump pushes ‘hire American’ ~ Up to 65 thousand non-agriculture jobs for foreigners. Exactly what Trump campaigned on(TEEHEE)!
    “The U.S. government cleared the way on Monday for thousands more foreign workers to enter the country under temporary seasonal visas, just as President Donald Trump declared this “Made In America” week and pledged to stand up for U.S. workers.

    Advocates of stricter limits on immigration criticized the additional visas, saying American workers should get job openings.”

  24. 2018 might see Democrats disappear as a major political party…

  25. That would leave Putin in charge, From Russia with Hate.

  26. Mysterious 8th person at Trump Jr. meeting ran massive Russian money-laundering scheme.
    Irakly Kaveladze’s checkered past with Trump…

  27. Repeating the unanswered questions (but only once):

    1. Anyone near Osan AB: Are you willing to visit the shopping area and check out prices for me on what amounts to replica WW2 Army Air Corps shirts (two pockets, epaulets, khaki, etc.) in cotton and wool? Or at least recommend a tailor among the dozens out front?

    2. Anyone near Osan AB: Has anyone in the last 5 years bought anything custom from Mike’s Arcade or Mike’s All Season?

    3. Anyone near Sokcho: Can anyone comment on the best spot for a short rental stay (maybe a week) by the ocean (i.e., what the Koreans call a “pension”)? Train vs. Bus from Seoul?

    4. [ Saw a review of the variety show on another website ]

    5 [ KINTEX Insect Show is another post by GI ]

    6. Anyone on the west coast: Have you been to the seafood markets in Daecheon south of Boryeong? Do you know a better place near Songtan/Pyeongtaek?

  28. Predictable Trump Hops in Truck when HIS ACHA/Trumpcare bill FAILS. In March Dumb*** Trump got into a big rig and to the minute blew the horn when the GOP house bill/repeal & replace Obamacare FAILED.

    The other day the old man Dumb*** Trump with Dementia got into a fire truck like his little boy(Donny Jr.) and blew the horn to the GOP minute as Trumpcare FAILED the GOP led senate. Expect Dumb*** Trump to get into another truck soon unless he…

  29. Anybody else get the “dicks in female showers areally cool if they change their gender identifier” briefing? ?

  30. CNN is speculating that the Australian woman’s race is reason why her killing by a police officer in Minneapolis is why the reaction to her killing has been so different. This is another example of the media trying to make this a race issue. Could it be that the reaction is different because it does not involve people attacking a policeman or appearing to pull a gun prior to the police shooting?

  31. “the Australian woman’s race is reason why her killing by a police officer in Minneapolis is why the reaction to her killing has been so different.”

    Not for me.

    I’m going to loot and burn an Outback.


    I wonder if the cop had been trained to deal with Australians.

    He doesn’t seem…

    ( •_•)




  32. And they were basically more useless than tbone in combat, both of the genders ID’d in that abomination of desecration of a decent novel.

  33. He saw a young healthy blonde woman in pajamas, not a burkha, and lost his composure…

  34. So you’re linking any combat ineffectiveness displayed in ST to unisex environments? That’s weird because I don’t remember seeing anyone die because they got a glimpse `o Dizzy…

    ..I do remember one guy died because for whatever stupid reason they decided to do equipment maintenance on a helmet during a live fire, and a butt ton of others getting torn into like a Russian salad at a DNC luncheon.

    As for the book.. meh I read all the Dune novels, wasn’t that enough?

  35. Interesting how you have nothing to say about Foxnews or Hannity’s love for Trump.

  36. Jeff Sessions is making it easier for cops to confiscate private property
    Even from citizens who haven’t been charged with a crime.

    Isn’t this a pet peeve of many here? Trump’s racist AG is doing it.

  37. Hannity sucks. He can barely make it through the first couple sentences before spouting laced vocabulary like “destroy Trump media” or whatever.

    That’s one bad hour on a network that’s closer to the center than all those ones on the left where it’s their version of all Hannity all the time.

  38. Civil forfeiture is some BS all right but what that has to do with racism is beyond me. Semi-fake news! exclamation

  39. Ewe Bolle the director was and may still be a jerk. Dizzy died. They turned everyone into bumbling Nazis without mentioning the “Bugs” were dropping precision-guided asteroids on Earth cities. The later movies made the Doogie Howser character a villain. And the list goes on…

    I am not saying all coed units are less combat-effective. I’m saying you picked a movie where they were.

    I’ll defer to people who have “been to the circus” to tell me about the elephants and etc. I served in a coed unit (we had two female clerk-typists); but we never had to fly out and drop [deleted] on our targets in [deleted] or [deleted]. All I ever did was stand SAC Alert a few times. GW1 and 2 came much later…

  40. “Jeff Sessions is making it easier for cops to confiscate private property
    Even from citizens who haven’t been charged with a crime.”

    This is a yuge problem.

    If the media cared about America or brown people, they would be screaming about this instead of Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia.

    Government theft of private assets for no reason should get the attention of everyone regardless of race, gender, or political party.

    The same goes for restarting a 1980s style war on drugs.

    Tbone, if you care, don’t bitch to us. Bitch to the media.

    Bonus: If Russia Russia Russia somehow manages to get rid of Trump, we get that creepy motherfųcker Pence. Be reeeeal careful what you wish for.

  41. “If the media cared about America or brown people…,”

    The media is not J.B.S. III’s boss, Trump is! Therefore, Trump is to blame you chickenbeheaded you.

  42. Trump slams special prosecutor(Moeller), Asst. Deputy FBI Director whom he himself appointed(Rosenstein), and his AG Jeff Sessions for recusing himself months ago in NYT interview. NYT is BACK…citing recusal, Trump says he wouldn’t have hired Sessions. Well then, Sessions will immediately resign and Trump can reverse Sessions attack in “civil forfeiture” of the innocent.

    Oh, Trump also threatened Moeller if he “delves into the Trump family’s business interests”(TEEHEE). Ummm, expect Trump to threaten America soon!!!
    All the while ~ Banking regulators are currently looking into Trump dealings with Duetche Bank.

  43. “…but what that has to do with racism is beyond me.”

    Let me teach you…You see, racism and racists is/are dumb. And the racist did another dumb thing. All you have to do is connect the dots rather than defend the racist/racism.

  44. “…but what that has to do with racism is beyond me.”

    Civil asset forfeiture is very racist.

    It steals from productive white people.

    The darkies don’t have anything worth taking other than some stinky used hoodies and athletic shoes.

    The brownies only have some beat up landscaping equipment and a tortilla press.

    The yellows have nothing of value other than a box of pens and a graphing calculator.

    And if the darkies or the browns have anything more than that it is because they are selling some of those drugs.

    Thanks for pointing that out, Tbone.

    We have to put a stop to racist asset forfeiture.

    What’s ypur plan?

  45. Paul Manafort(Trump Campaign Manager) as much as $17 MILLION in debt to Pro-Russia interests BEFORE joining Trump Campaign(TEEHEE). He’s awaiting to face public questioning next week unless he chickenbeheadeds-out.

  46. Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia…

    Tbone, what are we going to do about civil asset forfeiture, needless aspects of the War on Drugs, the end of Net Neutrality, etc?

    The more you stare at Russia, which will result in absolutely nothing being done to anybody except scolding, the less you focus on issues actually important to Americans including yourself.

    This is intentional. You are being played for the sucker that you are… that so many liberals are.

    Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia.

    If, somehow, you get Trump out of office, Pence becomes your new Not My President.

    Better think this through, Tbone.

  47. Tbone… 2 out of 3 (actually 4)… not bad, you can do better though.
    Racism: Dumb smile
    Racist: Dumb grin
    Labelling Trump “the racist”: Dumb sad
    (Claiming I defend racism: Real Dumb question )

    In one’s search to crush racism great care should be employed to not be consumed by racism lest you become the racist and only destroy yourself.
    -Smokes 2017

  48. You mean Mike “Take it in the crapper, get the zapper” Pence?

  49. 6 Wild Claims Trump Made In His Bizarre New York Times Interview.
    The president spoke about Russia, Comey, Sessions and more during the exclusive sit-down with non other than the New York Times(NYT)
    Trump would not have appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he’d known he would recuse himself from the Russia probe.

    Trump said the office of special counsel Robert Mueller is full of conflicts of interest.

    The president claimed his second, previously undisclosed meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin lasted 15 minutes and “adoption” came up. 

    Trump accused Comey, whom he abruptly fired in May, of using an unverified dossier of compromising material to keep his job.

    Mueller would cross a “red line” if he looked into the Trump family’s finances beyond Russia.

    Trump complained about Rosenstein, describing him as a man Sessions “hardly knew” and alluding that he was annoyed the deputy attorney general was “from Baltimore.”

  50. I think I understand tbone a little better. He doesn’t want to remember Korea because it was not a rousing success for him.

    He hates Jeff Sessions because Sessions worked against allowing unlimited illegal immigration and amnesty for those taking away the jobs blacks traditionally held–and Sessions was able to prosecute and convict KKK leaders in Alabama, including the sentencing of some to Capital Punishment.

    Thus, tbone’s racism charges are centered on his lack of success in Korea and subsequent failures in America. He wants to avoid any mention of either, even in his own thinking, so he floods ROKdrop with fake news that goes along with his imaginary world. It’s really a Psych 101 textbook case of Avoidance Coping. He can’t accept that the Democrats actually want to kill him and the GOP wants him to be a success, so he invents a way to block all such thoughts from his mind by spamming ROKdrop.


    I predict a very sad end for our mutual friend after the GOP does a double-digit beat down on Democrats in Congress in 2018, and Trump wins reelection with 49 states in 2020.

    Hopefully, before that time he can find the care he needs.

  51. MTB…

    …sheeeeet. You don’t have to go to Jeju to see all that.

    I got a pęnis park right here in my pants… with the star attraction fully erect and ready to wreck.

    If you feel the need to gaze some cack, I’m always here for you, buddy.

  52. “The friend said in court she was unaware Newland was Fortune because she was always wearing a blindfold when they met. Newland would then wear a strap-on prosthetic penis when they had sex.

    “There was no point until the day I took the blindfold off that I thought for one second that a woman was the person behind this,” the friend said in court.”

    Jesus, how can anyone be that stupid?

  53. Trump asking advisers about pardoning aides, family members, and himself(TEEHEE). Although Nixon found it dishonorable to pardon himself and there was no way known to do it.

    Trump is scared, for good reason! He is off his rocker. Trump reaps what he sows!
    And BTW,
    Trump’s spokesman for his legal team has resigned(TEEHEE).

    NYT reports Mueller’s(special prosecutor) team requests records from criminal tax evasion inquiry into Paul Manafort(Trump’s Campaign Manager.

    And MUCH MORE…

  54. GOP Racist Mayoral Candidate Tells Rival’s Supporters To ‘Go Back To Africa’.
    “Your reparations came in the form of a man named Barack Obama,” said the Florida candidate.
    A St. Petersburg mayoral candidate in Florida said this week that African-American supporters of his rival should “go back to Africa” if they don’t like it in the U.S.

  55. Tbone, think this through.

    What is the worst that can happen if Trump stays?

    What will happen if Trump goes?

    Everything you dislike about Trump will be multiplied in President Pence.

    They might continue the witchhunt… but even less will come of it… as vice presidents are generally buffered from the actions of presidents. Like Obama, he is rather clean because he is a pawn.

    President Pence will continue many of Trump’s policies… except he will hook up the multinationals and the theocrats.

    Do you want that Tbone?

    Are you secretly a corporatist pushing a far-right Christian agenda?

    Do you even know who you are and what you want? Or are you juat another pawn parroting nonsense so someone lots smarter than you with evil intent can regain some of the malignant power they lost under Trump?

    Bonus: If Trump is removed from office for unjust reasons, there will be liberal blood in the streets… brought to you by American patriots and nationalists who truly believe (right or wrong) it is a coup by those wishing to harm America.

  56. Beats me, but umm.. I rather enjoy your banter on the RokDrop and think we should meet. Come blindfolded. cool

  57. Trump is what happened because Obama turned the IRS a weapon against the TEA Party. Based on History, the next level won’t be as pretty; but there will be a lot of leather….

  58. Tbone’s fallen into the Demotrap, he doesn’t care what happens because they only care about the party and getting it back into power.

    While it’s easy to present a united front when you’re on the out, the Dems do it best because they’re the worst at representing citizens. Reps/Sens are elected to speak to the interest of their state and should vote on issues based on what their constituents favor.

    As much as people want to gripe and moan about these Republicans who won’t vote for the new Insurance Bailou…. I mean Healthcare Package they’re doing it the right way. “Getting in line” with the GOP so Trump can push through another round `o shit is the wrong answer.

    Outrage is better focused on the Democrats who are unbelievably lock-step against everything. Statistically it’s impossible for all of them to always be 100% in synch unless the Clinton Foundation was a front for a secret cloning facility. This won’t change while the majority of the US stupidly keeps electing people who represent parties, Trump’s a start but it’s not enough.

  59. Unprompted Trump Russia Investigation Lawyer(John Dummy Dowd) says Trump’s crimes(what crimes?) fall under the Statute of Limitations(7years). So what crimes did Trump commit 7+ years ago John Dowd?

    WAPO reports ~ Sessions discussed Russia-related U.S. Policies with Russian Ambassador Kislyak during campaign.

  60. Putin and Trump met much more than 3 times says Sergey Lavrov. We know(belatedly and no thanks to Trump/White House) that Trump weaseled his way to talk to Putin at the G20 even though Trump had many other nation leaders to choose from. They spoke for an hour but Trump LIED and said they only spoke for 15 minutes. Putin/Russia told Trump to bring a translator but of course like previously in the OVAL OFFICE Trump trusted only Russian translators and photographers.

  61. Let’s say Trump “colluded” with Russia.

    1. What exactly would the crime be?

    2. What has Trump done for the Rusdians that hurts America?

    3. In what improper way did the Russians influence the election?

    4. Are Russian and American goals so different that they must be considered an enemy?

    I can get clear answers when I pose these questions to even the most rabit anti-Trumpers.


  62. Pentagon study declares the American empire is ‘collapsing.’
    Because of Trump!!!
    “An extraordinary new Pentagon study has concluded that the US-backed framework of international order established after World War II is “fraying” and may even be “collapsing,” leading the United States to lose its position of “primacy” in world affairs.

    The solution proposed to protect US power in this new “post-primacy” environment is, however, more of the same: more surveillance, more propaganda (“strategic manipulation of perceptions”) and more military expansionism.

    The document concludes that the world has entered a fundamentally new phase of transformation in which US power is in decline, international order is unravelling, and the authority of governments everywhere is crumbling.

    Having lost its past status of “pre-eminence,” the US now inhabits a dangerous, unpredictable “post-primacy” world, whose defining feature is “resistance to authority.”

    The report was published in June by the US Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute to evaluate the DoD’s approach to risk assessment at all levels of Pentagon policy planning. The study was supported and sponsored by the US Army’s Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate; the Joint Staff, J5 (Strategy and Policy Branch); the Office of the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Develop­ment; and the Army Study Program Management Office…”

  63. The cop has not yet been questioned by investigators 1 week after the shooting. He needs time to concoct typical cop LIES.

    GOPers hypocritical response to Minneapolis ignores the bigger problem with police brutality.
    Police apologists are applying the same fundamental — and harmful — logic to Mohamed Noor’s killing of Justine Damond.
    “…Some conservatives(GI) who frequently dismiss protestations over police killings have adopted the same outraged criticism they decried in Baton Rouge, Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlotte.

    The hypocritical nature of conservative media reactions here overshadows a bigger problem: the tendency to treat every police shooting as a case of bad individuals, rather than emblematic of a systemic problem in U.S. law enforcement.

    Take the argument pioneered byex-cop turned right-wing radio host John Cardillo, which has since jumped to Infowars, WorldNetDaily, and other far-right online spaces. Cardillo argues that Noor, who is Somali American, was a “diversity hire” pushed by a class of politically correct administrators. If they wouldn’t have pushed for Noor’s hiring in the first place, the argument goes, Damond would still be alive today. Minneapolis gave deadly force to someone unqualified to wield it, these voices claim, because it made people feel good to have a more diverse police force.

    A second, similar reaction has spread along the internet’s right edge, exemplified in notorious Islamophobe Pam Gellar’s coverage of the story. Gellar focuses on Noor’s religious affiliation and points to the specter of “Islamic supremacism,” asking readers to believe that Noor killed Damond because that is simply what Somali Americans do.

    These reactions are astonishing in their racism, but the problem goes far beyond that. They also exonerate the police institutions that trained Noor, the conduct regulations that governed his behavior, and the political environment in which he and all other police currently operate.

    Minneapolis police chief resigns in wake of fatal shooting.
    Mayor Betsy Hodges said she asked Harteau to resign because “I’ve lost confidence in the chief’s ability to lead us further — and from the many conversations I’ve had with people around our city, especially this week, it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well.”

    Protests erupt at Minneapolis mayor’s press conference announcing police chief resignation.

    The presser quickly turned into a back and forth debate with a protester who was in attendance.

    “We do not want you as the mayor,” a man said to Hodges. “We do not want you as the mayor of Minneapolis! You have been ineffective. We do not want you as the mayor, Betsy Hodges!”

    Hodges eventually walked away and left the room without continuing her announcement as the protesters began cheering before taking turns to make their own remarks.

    The mayor returned to the podium approximately 30 minutes later – once the room had cleared – to complete her comments and to address the concerns brought up by the protesters.”

  64. Trump continued a Twitter flurry Saturday morning by accusing former FBI Director James Comey of “crimes” and demanding to know why Attorney General Jeff Sessions or a “special council” have not investigated him.

    Starting bright and early Saturday morning, Trump has furiously tweeted — ten times in 2 hours — on a variety of subjects from Hillary Clinton to Obamacare.

    “So many people are asking why isn’t the A.G. or Special Council [sic] looking at the many Hillary Clinton or Comey crimes.”

  65. That you have to ask those questions show that your loyalty isn’t with America. Your questions are about the very thing you often criticize…”Russia Russia Russia Russia.” And to think you want to talk about Russia during Trump’s “Buy America, Hire America Week.”
    Undermining the election process, by consorting with a foreign Government is TREASON…..and a direct threat to the fundamental foundations of U.S. democracy…as is money laundering. Money laundering was criminalized with the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986. It’s illegal for a US candidate to seek, or to accept, “anything of value” from a foreign government or its representatives. DUUUH!!!
    2. Special Prosecutor Mueller is investigating. The truth will come out! But why is Trump so scared of Mueller and why is he looking to fire him after racist A.G. J.B.S. III is rid of???
    3. Any influence of any kind at all is improper, and it’s clear they hacked various computer systems to glean damaging info on the Dems. They also ran hundreds of online sock puppets on social media to spread agitprop which accused HRC of a ton of stuff she didn’t do. Other GOP members including Paul Ryan have used/spread Russian propaganda to help defeat their political opponents(I’ve already said this as have others).
    4. Russia’s “goals” are essentially Putin’s goals, and he has no interest in the democratic process. Indeed he suppresses it with murder and imprisonment every chance he gets. That’s not what the US is supposed to be about, now is it?
    Stephen Colbert In The “Pee Pee Tape’ Hotel

  66. ‘They are lawless’: GOP strategist Rick Wilson blames Trump for leaking intercepts to get rid of Jeff Sessions

    Jake Tapper hilariously mocks Scaramucci for insisting Trump has really good ‘Karma’

    Even Republicans assume Trump leaked Kislyak intercepts to force out Jeff Sessions
    After The Washington Post was leaked intercepted Kremlin reports on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the internet immediately began wondering if Donald Trump’s administration was the source of the release.

    ‘He is never going to behave’: MSNBC guest brutally explains why Trump’s legal team is bailing on him

    Trump is slowly losing his insurance policy against impeachment

    Analysis of the tortured syntax in Trump’s New York Times interview suggests mental decline or emotional stress.
    Trump’s interview this week with the New York Times made headlines for his revelation that he would never have chosen Jeff Sessions as attorney general if he had known Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia investigation(among other Off Trump’s Rocker statements).
    Psychologists believe that people who are deeply threatened by feeling “less than” protect themselves by asserting to others (and themselves) that they are in fact “greater than.” Just like a child cuts down others to build him/herself up. Trump is STILL a CHILD.
    From the late 1980s to 2017, Trump’s sentences have become shorter and syntactically simpler. He uses more words of fewer syllables, and the percentage of unique words out of total words has fallen, indicating that he repeats himself more. These are standard measures neurologists use to assess the complexity of speech, which can fall along with the cognitive decline that typically marks normal aging but also disease-related cognitive impairment.

  67. Anthony Scaramucci’s lies from the podium exposed: report

    “Katy Tur, sitting in for Chuck Todd, reported on the “chaos at the White House” as new White House Communications Direct Anthony Scaramucci “tried to pull off a reset of epic proportions on his first day at the podium.”

    Tur pointed out five major lies Scaramucci made from the podium.

    1)Scaramucci insisted that the White House is on course. It isn’t!
    2)He said Trump is beloved. He’s not!
    3)Scaramucci said there’s truth to Trump’s claims of massive voter fraud. There are not!
    4)And he claimed there’s no friction between him and Sean Spicer, even though reports indicate his hire is why Spicer “resigned!”
    5)Scaramucci also said of Trump, “I think he’s got some of the best political instincts in the world and perhaps in history.” He doesn’t!

  68. Paintchip neexs to read the US Constitution which defines Treason difcerently than his fevered imagination.

  69. Seriouly, I really believe Paintchip is still upset that Trump gets two scoops of ice cream.

  70. “Undermining the election process, by consorting with a foreign Government is TREASON”

    Is it? I don’t see any “undermining”.

    If I look really really really hard, the worst I can possibly see is the Russians giving Trump the truth about what a crooked shrew Hillary is.

    Hillary owns that nastiness. Hating on Trump or Russians for what Hillary did is just kidding yourself.

    If you see Trump hurting America by hooking up the Russians, you have my attention. Tell me.

    So far, everything Trump has done or tried to do has been for the good of America with no benefit to Russia.

    Sooooo… Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia just stinks of anti-Americans trying to block Trump’s agenda.

    Are you a Russian-lover, Tbone? If you are, keep yapping.

    If you are American, support Trump’s agenda with jobs for Americans and fewer foreign workers supporting corporate welfare.

    Tbone, do you even know what you believe? You seem anti-American and pro-Russia.

  71. Then there is the question of whether the statements of enthusiasm in the emails about the meeting (“I love it,” Donald Jr. wrote) constituted assent on behalf of the Trump campaign to continuing Russian help. Welcoming the information and taking the meeting can reasonably be understood to signal a broader receptivity to Russian aid. This is even more serious than the campaign finance violation because it brings conspiracy law into play. That could make Donald Jr. and others liable for all of the Russian dirty tricks that followed, including any Russian cybercrimes or other crimes targeting the Clinton campaign.

    During the “Cold War,” treasonous conduct was often prosecuted under other statutes. (Alger Hiss was sentenced to four years in prison for “forgetting” in sworn testimony that he had met with Whitaker Chambers, an American working for the Russians.)

    Bush’s former ethics chief called Trump Jr.’s meeting close to “treason.” I asked him why.
    “During the Cold War, and many our most recent wars, we would deal with acts that would constitute treason, or near treason, through other statutes, such as the espionage statute, statutes prohibiting computer crimes, including computer hacking, which is what clearly happened here with the Russians, and also receipt of documents stolen from computers or otherwise, [as well as] conspiracy statutes, and statutes prohibiting false statements to the government. And then also our campaign laws, which prohibit foreign governments from giving financial or other assistance to American political campaigns…”

  72. chickenbeheaded honors Putin and has before on this site like Trump the the GOP for a decade

    Former spy officials criticize Trump’s stance on Russia at Aspen Security Forum
    “…Asked if he thinks Trump takes the threat from Russia seriously enough, Clapper said he wonders sometimes if the White House agenda is about “making Russia great again.”

    “It would have been a really good idea to have vetted whomever they were meeting with. I think the Russian objective here was to explore to see if there was interest in having such a discussion on offering up dirt on Hillary Clinton,” Clapper said. He said the meeting reminds him of standard Russian spy craft.

    Brennan called the meeting “profoundly baffling” and wondered why Trump advisers would “jump at the opportunity” to meet with individuals about getting information on Clinton. “The Russians operate in a very cunning manner and they will take and exploit any opportunity they get,” he said.

    Clapper also suggested that the security clearance held by Jared Kushner, a Trump adviser and the president’s son-in-law, should at least be suspended until it can be determined why he failed to disclose all the meetings he’s had with Russians.

    Brennan also said he was upset when Trump leaned over to Russian President Vladimir Putin before their recent meeting in Europe to say it was a “great honor” to meet him.

    “This is Mr. Putin, who assaulted one of the foundational pillars of our democracy ’ our election system ’ invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea, that has suppressed or repressed political opponents in Russia and caused the deaths of many of them,” he said. “I thought it was a very, very bad negotiating tactic.”

    Both also said they were concerned about a second discussion the two leaders had in Europe with only a Russian interpreter. Clapper said Trump should have had his own translator to record the conversation and avoid any misinterpretations. Brennan said he has never heard of any other instance where a U.S. president has had a meeting with a Russian head of state without a U.S. translator.

    “To have this one-off and rely on a Russian translator … It again raises concerns about what else may be going on between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin that is being held behind closed doors or outside the public view,” he said.

  73. Any ROK Drop denizens ever make it to Sokcho? Favorite hotwl? Restaurant?

  74. How is illegal immigration good for the average American or the economy?

    Besides reports that the Russians ran misleading headlines on websites, what did they specifically do to change the outcome of the election? Is slander a criminal offense? If so, what is the proper way to punish a foreign power?

    What should be done about America directly interfering in other countries’ election processes?

  75. What a stupid question! Whoever said it was good? However, there hasn’t been any immigration reform for 30+ years and you can mostly blame the GOP for that.

    Here is what immigration reform would help, besides home building…

    Farms Hit By Migrant Labor Crunch
    The immigration debate hits America’s farms, which are losing millions in lost crops due to a shortage of agricultural migrant workers.

  76. Paintchip, like most Democrats, believes only Mexicans can do farm work. In his view, blacks need to stay in violent inner city neighborhoods collecting welfare, taking drugs, and looting stores stupid enough to open nearby because they’re too stupid to compete.

    Look at cities run by Democrats and you see this in practice. Note that these are the cities importing criminal aliens to take jobs formerly held by blacks. These are the cities being bankrupted by unions and lawyers and Planned Parenthood robbing workers to pay old, white Democrats.

    Paintchip hates Trump because Trump wants to provide opportunity. And he believes that will show what he blieves to be true. He would rather the country died than find out he has been lied to all these years.

    The rest of us have seen and worked with enough people in enough siruations to know suntan doesn’t matter at all. It’s the inner man or woman and their drive to succeed that makes the difference.

    But some people choose to be slaves of Democrats.

  77. If no one thinks it is good, then why do some major cities provide sanctuary to aliens who came here illegally?

    If large farms cannot harvest all their crops without resorting to illegal labor, should they maybe hire American? Perhaps could they sell off the land that they can’t manage, giving an opportunity to multiple smaller farming operations to move in?

    Could large operations using illegal labor possibly be smothering competition from upstarts by flooding the market with food that costs much less to produce?

  78. “If no one thinks it is good, then why do some major cities provide sanctuary to aliens who came here illegally?”

    I didn’t say nobody “thinks” it’s good for the economy, I said nobody says it’s good. There are too many Americans/businesses that thrive on “illegal” activities by hiring the undocumented. There was a tractor-trailer full of them(about 50?) found yesterday in San Antonio where about 10 died. It’s called human trafficking.

    Your other questions are ridiculous, congress needs to act to reform immigration. All farmers who can’t get their crops harvested shouldn’t have to sell land.

    Finally, please define in legal terms what a “sanctuary city” is?

  79. tbone requested: Finally, please define in legal terms what a “sanctuary city” is?

    Here are some relevant quotes from and linked pages:


    Section 1324 of Title 8 of the United States Code says this—
    (a) Criminal penalties
    (A) Any person who—
    (iii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation…shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B) [which carries penalties of fines and imprisonment up to five years for each alien harbored or shielded].


    The sanctuary jurisdictions are listed below. These cities, counties, and states have laws, ordinances, regulations, resolutions, policies, or other practices that obstruct immigration enforcement and shield criminals from ICE — either by refusing to or prohibiting agencies from complying with ICE detainers, imposing unreasonable conditions on detainer acceptance, denying ICE access to interview incarcerated aliens, or otherwise impeding communication or information exchanges between their personnel and federal immigration officers.
    A detainer is the primary tool used by ICE to gain custody of criminal aliens for deportation. It is a notice to another law enforcement agency that ICE intends to assume custody of an alien and includes information on the alien’s previous criminal history, immigration violations, and potential threat to public safety or security.

    The Center’s last map update reflected listings in an ICE report published on March 20, 2017.


    New Mexico

    Cities and Counties listed by state

    Alameda County
    Contra Costa County
    Los Angeles County
    Los Angeles
    Monterey County
    Napa County
    Orange County
    Orange County
    Riverside County
    Sacramento County
    San Bernardino County
    San Diego County
    San Francisco County
    San Mateo County
    Santa Ana
    Santa Clara County
    Santa Cruz County
    Sonoma County

    Arapahoe County
    Boulder County
    Denver County
    Garfield County
    Grand County
    Jefferson County
    Larimer County
    Mesa County
    Pitkin County
    Pueblo County
    Routt County
    San Miguel County
    Weld County

    East Haven

    District Of Columbia

    Alachua County
    Clay County
    Hernando County

    Clayton County
    DeKalb County

    Benton County
    Cass County
    Franklin County
    Fremont County
    Greene County
    Ida County
    Iowa City
    Iowa City, Johnson County
    Jefferson County
    Marion County
    Monona County
    Montgomery County
    Pottawattamie County
    Sioux County

    Cook County

    Butler County
    Harvey County
    Sedgwick County
    Shawnee County
    Story County

    New Orleans


    Montgomery County
    Prince George’s County

    Hennepin County

    Hall County
    Sarpy County

    New Jersey
    Middlesex County
    Ocean County
    Union County

    New Mexico
    New Mexico County Jails
    San Miguel

    Clark County
    Washoe County

    New York
    Franklin County
    Nassau County
    New York City
    Omondaga County
    St. Lawrence County
    Wayne County

    Baker County
    Clackamas County
    Clatsop County
    Coos County
    Crook County
    Curry County
    Deschutes County
    Douglas County
    Gilliam County
    Grant County
    Hood River County
    Jackson County
    Jefferson County
    Josephine County
    Lane Countyn
    Lincoln County
    Linn County
    Malheur County
    Marion County
    Marlon County
    Multnomah County
    Polk County
    Sherman County
    Tillamook County
    Umatilla County
    Union County
    Wallowa County
    Wasco County
    Washington County
    Wheeler County
    Yamhill County

    Bradford County
    Bucks County
    Butler County
    Chester County
    Clarion County
    Delaware County
    Erie County
    Franklin County
    Lebanon County
    Lehigh County
    Lycoming County
    Montgomery County
    Montour County
    Perry County
    Pike County
    Westmoreland County

    Rhode Island
    Providence, Rhode Island
    Rhode Island Department of Corrections

    Dallas County
    Travis County

    Arlington County
    Chesterfield County


    Chelan County
    Clallam County
    Clark County
    Cowlitz County
    Franklin County
    Jefferson County
    King County
    Kitsap County
    Pierce County
    San Juan County
    Skagit County
    Snohomish County
    Spokane County
    Thurston County
    Walla Walla County
    Wallowa County
    Whatcom County
    Yakima County



    I hope that makes the extent of the situation clear…

  80. Jessica Vaughan did a horrible job at legally defining your “sanctuary city.”

    So how are these cities being punished by Trump/Sessions since you suggest it’s so clear? Cities are not ICE, they cannot afford to do the job of ICE. Congress needs to act on immigration reform! Your Stupid Jessica Vaughan is mentioned/quoted in the link below.
    Sessions’s Climbdown on Sanctuary Cities.
    The administration backed away from its aggressive January order punishing jurisdictions that limit collaboration between local law enforcement and federal immigration agents.
    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions pulled back on President Trump’s January executive order cracking down on “sanctuary cities” on Monday, releasing a memo that represents a significant retreat from the order’s original goal of punishing jurisdictions that limit collaboration between local authorities and federal immigration agents.

    The memo narrowly defines sanctuary cities to “refer only to jurisdictions that ‘willfully refuse to comply with 8 U.S.C. 1373.’” Section 1373, which was signed into law in 1996, prohibits jurisdictions from preventing any government entity or local official from exchanging information on an individual’s immigration status with federal immigration agents. There’s no clear definition for sanctuary cities. Sessions’s latest memo, which comes after a federal court in California blocked the president’s threat against sanctuary cities, concedes that using Section 1373 as the administration’s definition is perhaps the most legally sound approach.

    The problem for the administration’s immigration crackdown is that definition of “sanctuary city” exempts all but a few jurisdictions, as most found ways around that criteria years ago.

    “If sanctuary just means violation of 1373, that law has been around since 1996 and for the most part… most major cities have dealt with this, most legal departments in major cities have dealt with this [and] have already written around 1373,” said Rick Su, a law professor at the University at Buffalo who has researched immigration and local government. Su noted that Section 1373 is a “don’t-tell policy,” so to work around it, some localities changed it to a “don’t-ask policy” or a “don’t-use-municipal-resources” policy. In doing so, it became difficult to differentiate who is and isn’t in compliance with Section 1373, since some localities simply don’t collect information on an individual’s immigration status in the first place and therefore don’t have anything to share with federal immigration officials.

    Last year, the Office of the Inspector General studied a handful of state and local jurisdictions to see if they were in compliance with Section 1373. In April, the Justice Department sent letters to nine jurisdictions identified in the report “as having laws that potentially violate 8 U.S.C. 1373.”

    The STUPID TRUMP executive order had left open to interpretation how the administration was going to define sanctuary cities. “It was not clear as to what the vehicle that they would use for finding that someone was going to be penalized for being a sanctuary city,” said Muzaffar Chishti, the director of the Migration Policy Institute’s office at New York University School of Law, adding that Sessions suggested in March that the Justice Department would use Section 1373 as a threshold.

    U.S. District Judge William Orrick issued a preliminary injunction against the president’s order in April, saying, “Federal funding that bears no meaningful relationship to immigration enforcement cannot be threatened merely because a jurisdiction chooses an immigration-enforcement strategy of which the president disapproves.”

    Session’s memo states that grants will only be withheld from jurisdictions that are not in compliance with Section 1373. That is similar to Orrick’s ruling on the administration’s interpretation of sanctuary jurisdictions: “This interpretation renders the order toothless,” Orrick wrote. “The government can already enforce these three grants by the terms of those grants and can enforce 8 U.S.C. 1373 to the extent legally possible under the terms of existing law.”

    To some degree, the administration’s hands are tied. They can’t change immigration law unilaterally, and they’d need congressional approval to withhold certain funds from localities. Even then, however, the administration runs the risk of facing more legal challenges.

    Chishti noted that it’s unlikely that many will be: “No jurisdiction in the country has been penalized or formerly found in violation of Section 1373 ever since it was enacted in 1996,” he said.

  81. Setnaffa supports the hater Jessica Vaughan and her hate group!
    The “sanctuary city” is nothing but a GOP political campaign shaming label of which you’ve bought into.
    It’s a misleading tactic by anti-immigrant groups to change the terms of the debate from legal terms(which they CANNOT WIN) to political rhetoric.

    If requiring a warrant is so bad or unlawful then why doesn’t ICE/Trump/Session file lawsuits?

    Conservative Cities See ‘Sanctuary City’ Term as Scarlet Letter
    “Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, a group which calls out positions they see as “non-cooperative and obstructs immigration enforcement.” The Southern Poverty Law Center listed the Center for Immigration Studies as an “Active Hate Group” in 2016.”

    Hater J. Vaughan said… “That act of requiring a judicial warrant is a way of obstructing ICE and is a roundabout way of being a sanctuary city.”

    But…”We(Wapello County) don’t want to open the door for any civil litigation or liability, so we require a warrant, which somehow turned us into a sanctuary city,” Miller said.

  82. Why did you put illegal in quotes? Is it illegal to hire someone who entered the country illegally or is it fine by the law?

    Do you support the flow of aliens coming in illegally so certain industries can have cheap labor? Could these industries find another way to operate? Is it okay to break the law to maximize profit? Is this fair to migrant workers who came in illegally?

    What specifically needs to change with the immigration laws?

    Are guest worker visas granted for seasonal work to companies who prove they cannot fill those positions with Americans and would be harmed if the positions were not filled?

    Are these programs abused by some industries such as the IT sector? Have American workers been forced to train their replacements who are on foreign worker visas which stipulate by law that the jobs must have been attempted to be filled with American labor before the companies resorted to foreign labor?

    I’m no lawyer. I don’t think anyone here is, but I would venture to say that a reasonable legal definition of a sanctuary city is any city that does not comply with federal immigration policies.

    An example would be if an individual were picked up for an offense like assault or DUI, was convicted by the local or state court system, and serves time in a local or state prison. While having their records checked the authorities see that ICE has placed a retainer on that individual. Instead of notifying ICE, that individual serves their time for the local authorities and is released to walk the streets again having no legal status to be in the country.

    Now imagine that individual goes on to murder an innocent person.

    Why is it a problem for ICE to be notified to take that person into custody before or promptly after that person has served their time with the local authorities and begin deportation proceedings?

    Does the United States government have a right to assert sovereignty over its own borders and who gets to cross over them and who should be expelled for not following the proper immigration processes?

  83. Blah blah blah You need to ask Sessions why he pulled back on Trump’s STUPID executive order cracking down on “sanctuary cities”TEEHEE).

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions pulled back on President Trump’s January executive order cracking down on “sanctuary cities” on Monday, releasing a memo that represents a significant retreat from the order’s original goal of punishing jurisdictions that limit collaboration between local authorities and federal immigration agents.

    The memo narrowly defines sanctuary cities to “refer only to jurisdictions that ‘willfully refuse to comply with 8 U.S.C. 1373.’”

    No jurisdiction in the country has been penalized or formerly found in violation of Section 1373 ever since it was enacted in 1996.

  84. What exactly is “immigration reform”?

    Existing laws would do the job if all Americans would support their enforcement. This would protect the intetests of American citizens over the interests of non-Americans and corporations.

    No “reform” is necessary… unless it is another word for “amnesty”.

    Bonus: Stupid liberals with their childish need to virtue signal by supporting criminal aliens over American citizens are actually pawns of big business and the 2% in their goal to have below-market wage workers… while they fret the Republicans might give them a tax break or reduced regulations to encourage expansion and hire more Americans.

    The liberals would rather they hire cheap foreign labor, get higher taxes, and redistribute that wealth to the black and brown Americans who don’t want to work… not a bad strategy if you want to buy off voters… but not a long-term plan for national success.

    …but long-term planning is not a liberal trait.

    Tbone wants more illegals so he can feel superior to little brown people who work for less than the law says he must be paid to flip burgers… or get paid less than he gets from welfare, as he is lazy and lacking in any useful skills.

    Don’t be such a racist, Tbone. You are inferior to many hard-working illegal aliens.

  85. There’s always a first time for everything. It sounds like the memo is putting sanctuary cities on notice in preparation for a crackdown.

    Are you for or against using migrants who came across illegally for cheap labor?

  86. tbone, you asked for a legal definition, I provided it. The only hate here is the hate you brought.

    I don’t know the person you named, and merely quoted what you see here. I did not preview the website for microaggressions against whatever you self-identify as this week.

    Since you feel compelled to mimic a left-wing RSS feed rather than being an actual participant in any conversations, I think maybe your hate has earned you no further responses.

    I still hope you are able to find the mental health treatments you need to get past whatever happened to you.

  87. I’m for stopping campaign rhetoric that you’ve bought into like “sanctuary cities” to avoid the legal debate which YOU and YOUR GOP CANNNOT win. Why didn’t Trump and Sessions explain to you poorly educated about 1373? Instead Sessions writes memos about it(TEEHEE).

  88. What exactly is “immigration reform”?

    Google it!

  89. Me: What exactly is “immigration reform”?

    Tbone: Google it!

    Me: Tbone, why don’t you tell us what it means to YOU… or would that come dangerously close to writing something that might actually require thought instead of the easily-ignored nonsense echoed by your copy and paste controls. Come on, Tbone, if you believe in something worthy, you can express it in a clear and reasonable way.

  90. JHC I taught you poorly educated about your so-called “sanctuary cities” WTH else do you want?

    Ask George Bush about how not to comlicate immigration reform b/c in
    2008 he signed a law that still prevents the US from returning children who are not from Mexico and Canada to their home countries without a deportation hearing(which Trump is ignoring).

  91. I am immune to “but Bush.”

    I do not care for the Bush family. Papa Bush used to head the CIA which leaves him with a dubious reputation to start with. W.’s Iraq blunder is one of the worst in U.S. history and should have served as a warning for any who followed, but didn’t.

    Are you finding it difficult to defend the leftist position on illegal immigration? Is there a possibility that it goes hand in hand with industries abusing cheap labor? Is it also possible that it is bad for the average American?

  92. CH Wrote: “What exactly is “immigration reform”?”

    Ooo.. OO… call me! Call me! I wanna answer!!! twisted

    Firstly you’re saying it wrong, you have to say “comprehensive immigration reform”.

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform – proper noun
    A type of Weasel Words
    Depending on who you ask, comprehensive immigration reform is a term used to intentionally obfuscate the individual’s true desire. For the far left this is usually code for “open borders”; the far right uses it as a less-racist-sounding way of “no foreigners”. As you drift towards the center the amount the “doors” are opened or closes lessens until you see that no serious changes to immigration are required but we should strive to ensure it remains beneficial and efficient with sensible and subtle tweaks.

    They like using this term because:
    Comprehensive: Oh look how big and smart that word is, we really need to do something and not just something simple! Something big and complex!
    Reform: Ahhh reform.. something’s wrong with the way it is, otherwise we wouldn’t have to reform it. Reforming is good, it fixes broke things.

    Fuck reform, the shit’s fine the way it is; the only thing to fix is the failure to enforce the immigration laws. exclamation

  93. Having millions of unassimilated criminal aliens is not immigration, it’s invasion… smile

  94. “Having millions of unassimilated criminal aliens is not immigration, it’s invasion”

    I fully agree.

    It seems that clear logic would make a perfect legal defense if you simply started shooting them.

    Sadly, repelling invaders by force will probably get YOU put in jail.

  95. Take that approach and one political party would crucify you for getting rid of their cheap labor, the other would be mad about the lost voters next election.

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