Picture of the Day: South Korea’s “First Dog”

Abandoned dog to become 'first pet'

This photo from animal advocacy group CARE on May 14, 2017, shows the abandoned dog Tory, which will be adopted by President Moon Jae-in to become the “first dog.” Tory was rescued two years ago from a dog meat farm but was left unadopted because of prejudice against black dogs. Moon’s office said it was in talks with CARE on details for adopting Tory, which is set to become the world’s first abandoned dog to become a first dog. (Yonhap)



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  1. Ok this may look like a cute and cuddly fluff piece but if you dig a little deeper…

    …what is it with the media’s approach to the left? Korea’s got all sorts of domestic and foreign issues that need to be dealt with and this is the 2nd time I see “news” about Mun’s dog. Man F that dog, what about all the real stuff that has to be dealt with? Looks like a new Korean version of an Obamaesque relationship is forming which is a problem.

    Then look at this: “left unadopted because of prejudice against black dogs”. Woah when did this turn into a piece on race? Not to mention the statement is completely unqualified, I’m getting real sick of “news” organizations masking opinion as fact. Enough with the f**king anonymous sources, nothing being said presents so great a danger to the source (if one even exists) that they require anonymity.

    The amount of freedom a press is afforded should be doubled or tripled by the amount of journalistic responsibility they’re held to.

  2. What prejudice against black dogs? Koreans either love tiny little dogs like that one, or they run away as if they were the Hounds of Hell, coming for their souls. Not much middle ground.

    Our neighbors either ran up to pet our dog Shadow, or cowered behind their chairs.

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