Japanese Actresses Comment On “Whitewashing” After Watching Ghost in the Shell Movie

The Ghost in the Shell movie that has come under criticism for “whitewashing” sounds like a pretty crappy movie, but this is what some Japanese actresses had to say after watching it:

Yoshihara: People in Japan worship white people.

Kato-Kiriyama: Even in the story, there are Japanese people involved in creating these beings and they also may very well see the ideal human being as a white woman. So you’re sort of messed up all the way around.

Agena: Yes! I felt more messed up watching this movie. It reinforced my own personal messed-up standards of physical beauty.

Okatsuka: This is an important conversation to have.

Yoshihara: Even my ex-boyfriend, who is Asian-American, said, “What Asian lady has a body like Scarlett Johansson?”

Agena: There are certain priorities there.

Okatsuka: It’s this weird thing where Asian-Americans or Asian nationals living here like me, working in film, are fighting both our motherland and white producers here. We’re walking this in-between where I scream at Hollywood but I’m also like, “Why’d you do that, Japan?!” Et tu, Brute, on both sides.

Yoshihara: Japanese people are self-loathing.

Okatsuka: Is it crazy that suicide rates are so high in Japan?

Yoshihara: Even my sister committed suicide. That’s how many people commit suicide in Japan. That’s how messed up it is.  [Hollywood Reporter]

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  1. So… lefty reporters in Japan just as pointless and shallow as those in America…

    What part of “It’s a movie about a robot” escaped the haters?

  2. So could one say that Asians making a western style movie (for example) yellow washing? Is yellow washing PC to say? Obviously it’s ok to say white washing, so it must be.

  3. Do you have an example of a Japanese movie that does this? An example would help the discussion. (And also provide for a little variety in the kind of discussion where people usually try to be as vague as possible because being specific doesn’t hep their argument.)

  4. Does bukake fall under the category of “whitewashing?”

  5. Nothing like having your mind made up before you start, eh?

  6. Does bukake fall under the category of “whitewashing?”

    Any hate I ever directed at you just got nullified.

  7. Bukake? What’s that? neutral

    Anyhow as much as I’d love to go on for 50 paragraphs as to what’s wrong with their argument it’s a simple concept known as “property rights”, whoever made this movie owns the rights and can cast whoever the F they want. These people suffer from imagined ownership and have no say in the matter. Want to see Japanese actors? Oh I don’t know, how about seeing any one of the bajillion Japanese movies available? I almost hope this movie’s a big enough success so that Hollywood does this more.

  8. You don’t need an example, he’s posing a question. Answer it or don’t; quit pretending you want discussion. Stop wasting our time with your weak troll attempt.

  9. The Good, the Bad, and the Weird was a shameless yellow washing.

    Seriously? Asian cowboys?

    …though it was a really entertaining movie that perfectly pulled off Asian cowboys.

  10. They make creams and ointments for that Trump rash you seem to have…

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