How Long Does It Take for A North Korean Missile to Hit Seoul?

If you live in Seoul and you are wondering how long it would take for North Korea to nuke you, here you go:

The Associated Press(AP) reports that it takes zero to six minutes for a North Korean missile to hit Seoul, around ten minutes to hit Japan and 30 to 39 minutes to reach the capital of the United States.

The AP revealed the data on Wednesday, citing David Wright, scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, and missile analyst Markus Schiller at ST Analytics, a space technology and rocketry consulting company in Germany.

The two experts said if North Korea launches a strike against South Korea using its conventional artillery north of the Demilitarized Zone, the first wave of shells could land with essentially no warning.  [KBS World Radio]

You can read more at the link.



I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Anyone know the protocol to firing a nuclear weapon. My neighbor was a nuclear weapon specialist and —–says, there are so many steps in firing a nuke that it is mind boggling, even there is a third country party that is needed to fire a nuke from the U.S.

  2. “there is a third country party that is needed to fire a nuke from the U.S.”

    No f’ing way….

  3. He said even if the president wanted to fire a nuke on a preempted strike, he could not do it. All that none sense about “he got the codes ” is pure fabrication to make the public feel better. My neighbor is the real deal was a captain on nuclear power sub back in the late 90’s… the real McCoy. He is like a walking encyclopedia about Navy this and that spent 30 years, I believe everything he tell me. This guy could be a Tom Clancy……

  4. “there is a third country party that is needed to fire a nuke from the U.S.”

    Isn’t channel 41 on a CB radio reserved for designated third country parties to give permission for American nuke launches.

    I remember accidently getting on the wrong channel and radioing my friend to see if he wanted lunch.

    Some Air Force goober got on the air and asked, “Launch now?”

    I said, “No. Lunch in 15 minutes.”

    He said, “We need the buscuit.”

    “Me too. With gravy.”

    “You want a navy launch?”

    “Sure a gravy lunch is good.”

    “We need the football.”

    “No. After lunch, I will be too stuffed to play.”

    “After launch, you will be to staffed to pray? Nobody on your team believes in God at the end of the world?”

    “What the hell are you talking about? What’s all this God stuff? Forget lunch.”

    “Oh, that’s good. You had us worried.”

    And that’s how we narrowly averted a nuclear Armageddon.

    Good times.

  5. I halfways believe it.

    We seem to need the rest of the world’s approval to do anything else to protect our country.

  6. He told me so much more about nukes that I am scared to mention it here, I don’t want men in black knocking on my door. At one time I did hold a top secret with an SBI investigation credentials stamp. It is amazing what information some prior military personnel hold in their head, keeper of secrets.

  7. Back when I had a clearance, I went to the basement of the Denver airport.

    Yeah. I saw some shít, man.

  8. It’s still classified. Any information given you was spy fluff to avoid committing a very serious felony.

  9. Oh my God!, he even mentioned the Denver airport. So help me god WOW!, We’ve can not let Jered Kushner know about any of this….. That mftor>>@#$%^&* would give it to the Russian for a hotel loan……

  10. Then I got another neighbor who is a water engineer, he knows everything about the state of water in this country, He knows all about bottled water, there is nothing he does not know about water.

  11. Well, mister leaky lips, now we know how you lost your clearance…

  12. Locker room banter is all it is from me, loose lips sink ships, and I am not sinking any of my country ships. I will leave it to the Trump family.

  13. I have been hearing about the Denver airport for years, with that in mind, it’s probably a decoy. The real one you don’t hear about, Denver is for public consumption and locker room BANTER.

  14. Hitler could have been a great man to humanity if he had used his power to improve the world for the betterment of human kind.

  15. Knife, I wasn’t allowed below level B4 under the Denver Airport but I saw some of the stuff they were moving down to the Forbidden Zone… and there was lots of gossip… some of it hard to believe.

    A great deal of high-tech equipment went down the chute… MRI, PET, electron microscopes, steel containers that hummed if you got close to them (creepy), lots of parts for a Cray supercomputer (maybe an XC30?), lots of weird stuff that made no sense.

    And they would bring odd stuff out, too. The weirdest, there was this big cylinder under a tarp. It fell over and broke open. Out came a hairless research chimp packed in thick clear gel. I thought it was dead because it was in gel and the skin was gray and colorless. But it was alive. It flopped around on the ground for several minutes until some guys arrived with a tub of gel and they threw it in and took it back down the lift. Everyone was totally chill about it. That creeped me out.

    The lift from the lower levels went right into a hanger so stuff could be transferred to planes or vehicles. Everybody had to clear out but I was there a few times where I saw this stuff. Security was super tight in theory but actually kinda lazy.

    Also, they had these fuel trucks but they actually hauled dirt. A load of dirt would come up through this other system and the trucks would drive off away from the airport unnoticed and dump it somewhere… at least 4 loads a day for years… so whatever is going on down there, they are expanding.

    Did your friend ever say the word “Regulus”? What did he have to say about the Denver Airport?

  16. Like the one on the left… but hairless, grayer skin, and bigger eyes.

    The one on the right looks like a girl I woke up with behind a crackhouse in Richmond after a 3 day bender.

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