The US Army’s “Pinks and Greens” Uniform Demoed at AUSA Convention

Considering how good the old “pinks and greens” uniform looks it is a shame the US Army ever went away from it in the first place:

At AUSA PEO Soldier is demonstrating a prototype World War Two Pinks and Greens-style service dress uniform.

SGT Schacher and SFC Johnson wear prototypes of male and female versions of the uniform. This is only a prototype, intended to solicit feedback and there is currently no requirement for a new Service uniform. However, if this concept is adopted by the Army, the final uniforms will be different.  [Soldier Systems]

You can see additional photos at the link, but imagine how awesome this uniform would look if soldiers were allowed to wear “The Ike Jacket” with it as well:

I think the biggest challenge that would prevent this change is simple uniform change fatigue.  The Army has gone through so many uniform changes in the past few years leaders may be hesitant to make another change; even a change that would be for the better.

Picture of the Day: SMA Chandler Criticized for Uniform Violation

Seen at the Army Ten Miler today~

AR 670-1 (Effective date: 15 September 2014):
“Glasses may not be worn on top of the head at any time.”

Wasn’t he the SMA that over-saw that particular addition to the eyewear regulation? [Rally Point]

I wonder if anyone correct the Sergeant Major of the Army on his uniform violation?  By the way I don’t see his reflective belt either?