North Korea Continues Bitcoin Hacking Activities

I really don’t understand the whole bitcoin trend, but obviously the North Koreans do because they continue to hack and make money from it:

South Korea’s spy agency suspects North Korea might be involved in recent hacking incidents related to cryptocurrency, according to sources on Saturday.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) is said to have secured evidence that the North was involved in stealing the personal information of some 30,000 people from Bithumb, the country’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, back in June, as well as robbing virtual money at another exchange Coinis in September.

The NIS reportedly confirmed that the same code used by Lazarus, a group accused of being behind the 2014 Sony hack, was used in the previous two cases.

The evidence is said to have been passed to the prosecution for further investigation. The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office has been handling the former case, while the latter is being taken care of by local police.  [Yonhap]

North Korea Stole $88,000 of South Korean Bitcoin A Month for Two Years

You have to hand it to the Kim regime, if there is an illegal way to make money they will find it:

North Korean hackers stole about 100 million Korean won, or $88,000, worth of bitcoin from South Korean exchanges every month from 2013 to 2015, Yonhap News Agency reports, citing Radio Free Asia.

“Cyber criminals have turned to bitcoin for money as it is very difficult to track them down,” Choi Sang-myong, a senior official at South Korea’s cybersecurity firm Hauri, told Free Asia Radio, according to Yonhap. “Since tracking down the culprits is very difficult, North Korea had jumped on the bandwagon of bitcoin extortion since around 2012.”  [Business Insider]

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