Picture of the Day: Anti-Japan Protest In South Korea

Rally against Seoul-Tokyo deal over comfort women

A protester expresses her objection to a 2015 Seoul-Tokyo landmark deal to settle the issue of elderly Korean women who were sex slaves for Japanese troops during World War II, as she takes part in a rally in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul on March 22, 2017, to support the former “comfort women.” (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: B1 Bomber Participates in Key Resolve 2017

U.S. bomber participates in joint drill with S. Korea

A U.S. strategic B-1B bomber engages in a joint drill with South Korea fighter jets on March 22, 2017, over the Korean Peninsula. The drill was part of the annual military maneuvers between the two countries, which has been boosted this year with the backdrop of North Korea’s repeated nuclear and missile provocations and an expected hard-line policy by the U.S. (Photo provided by South Korean Air Force) (Yonhap)

Chung Yoo-ra’s Danish Lawyer Suddenly Dies

As if things couldn’t get any weirder in the Choi Soon-sil corruption case, the Danish lawyer for her daughter suddenly dies:

Peter Martin Blinkenberg / Yonhap

A Danish lawyer defending a Korean woman wanted by Korean prosecutors over the presidential corruption scandal died suddenly on Friday of unknown causes.

Chung Yoo-ra’s lawyer Peter Martin Blinkenberg died on Mar. 17 at his home in Lohals, Langeland, Ekstra Bladet reported.

Blinkenberg, who specializes in financial cases, was trying to keep Chung in Denmark after prosecutors there decided to extradite her to Korea.

The daughter of Choi Soon-sil, an alleged influence-peddler behind impeached Korean President Park Geun-hye, is wanted on charges of receiving kickbacks while attending Ewha Womans University.

These included manipulation of marks and attendance records.

The perks are suspected of having been carried out at Korea’s most prestigious women’s university under the influence of Choi, who is under arrest.

Christian Blinkenberg, the dead lawyer’s brother, told Danish news outlet Borsen that the “unexpected death” came when the father of two teenagers was spending his last day “within the walls of his beloved cottage” in his hometown.  [Korea Times via a reader tip]

You can read more at the link, but his death as expected has people claiming a conspiracy to force Chung to return to Korea by killing her lawyer.  With Park out of office really the fate of Chung is now a sideshow thus no real urgency for her to be extradited now in my opinion.

North Korea Missile Test Fails Shortly After Launch

It looks like the North Koreans blew themselves up again:

A North Korean missile fired Wednesday exploded “within seconds of launch,” according to US Pacific Command.

US officials confirmed North Korea had attempted to launch a missile near Kalma, on the country’s east coast, but early reports suggest it failed.
“South Korea and the US are aware of the missile launch and to their knowledge North Korea’s missile was not successfully launched,” South Korea’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement.
Neither the US nor South Korea have released information on what type of missile was fired, or why it failed. The US Pacific Command said it was working with partners to assess it further.  [CNN]
You can read more at the link, but no word on what type of missile this was yet.  Considering that the missile failed it makes me wonder if it was yet another Musudan test?

Man Arrested for Sexually Harassing Korean Air Flight Stewardess

It looks like another idiot had too much to drink on a flight bound for South Korea:

A non-Korean man was turned over to the police and faces criminal prosecution in the U.S. after sexually harassing a stewardess on Korean Air. / Korea Times file

A non-Korean man was turned over to the police and faces criminal prosecution in the U.S. after sexually harassing a stewardess on Korean Air flight KE036, according to the airline Thursday.

The man in his 50s, whose identity remains unknown, allegedly sexually harassed the stewardess on the flight from Atlanta to Incheon on Tuesday.

The man, who was wearing a wet shirt at the time of the incident, asked the stewardess if she wanted him to take off his shirt when asked if he needed a towel.

He also allegedly demanded that the stewardess sit next to him, drink wine with him and give him a massage so he could sleep better.

When the stewardess warned the man, he allegedly started to make threats, saying the airline should fire her.  [Korea Times]

You can read more at the link.

K-Pop Group, SixBomb Intentionally Shows What $90,000 In Plastic Surgery Gets You

This K-pop group SixBomb has pulled off a pretty good publicity stunt to get them noticed by releasing a video about their $90k worth of plastic surgery to enhance their looks:

Rounder eyes, narrower faces, bigger breasts: a South Korean girlband is celebrating the country’s obsession with surgically-enhanced beauty by going under the knife to praise the virtues of “Becoming Pretty”.

All four members of obscure K-pop outfit SixBomb went through extensive plastic surgery, from nose jobs to breast implants, before releasing their new single on Thursday.

A series of videos showed the four women visiting a clinic, strutting into an operating theatre and lying on the operating table. Another had them practising dance moves in sunglasses with their heads wrapped in bandages.

“Everyone follows me, they know I’m pretty,” they sing in “Becoming Pretty” — an electronic dance number with a hook reminiscent of South Korean singer Psy’s 2012 global phenomenon Gangnam Style.  (………)

Killer Whales Spotted for First Time in Two Off Korea’s East Coast

Here is something very rare to be seen on Korea’s East coast, orcas:

A killer whale mother and calf were seen in Korea’s East Sea, the National Institute of Fisheries Science (NIFS) said Friday.

The whales were observed near Uljin, North Gyeongsang Province, Wednesday, according to the institute.

In 2015, two killer whales were seen in the same area, but the last time a killer whale mother and calf were seen was in 2001, off Hongdo, in South Jeolla Province.

The latest sightings may signal Korea’s East Sea as a new habitat for killer whales.

The NIFS believes the whales have expanded their habitat from the Sea of Okhotsk to the East Sea because of its abundance of prey such as seals.  [Korea Times]

You can read more at the link.