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    ROK Heads may have noticed the different ranks that appear next to comments.  For registered users they receive a site ranking that is based off of a points system.  Registered users receive points for each comment they make and the likes they give and receive.

    Here is a break down of the different user ranks:

    New Users: This is the entry rank that everyone that first registers for an account receives.  ROK Heads with this rank will need to leave a few comments and likes before advancing in rank.

    Turtle Farmer: This rank is for ROK Heads that have left a few comments and received a few likes.  For those that have served in the 2nd Infantry Division they may remember the term Turtle Farmer as the people who used to do the duffel bag drag from Camp Mobile to Camp Casey/Hovey and back over the course of a one year tour of duty in Korea.


    Ville Ranger: This an advanced rank for those that have accumulated enough points to show they have more than a passing interest in Korea.  Note that the image is from an old Chosun Ilbo article that used the unflattering image to complain about foreigners committing too much crime.

    ROK Head: This status is for those that have moved on to accumulated enough points to show that they are a multi-year reader of the ROK Drop.

    Ajushi: This status is for those who have been on the site for so long and accumulated so many points they might as well be a local in Korea.

    King of the Ville: This is the highest user rank you can receive.  Only the most prolific, multi-year registered users will be able to receive this ranking. The image is another one from the Chosun Ilbo that was from an article complaining about Korean women falling in love with foreign men.


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