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    For those not familiar with HTML tags the ROK Drop comments box now has quick links to help format comments.  On the top of the comments box there are 10 quick links:

    Starting from left to right, the first quick link is “b” which allows users to make text bold.  Just highlight what text you want bold with the cursor and then click “b”.

    The next quick link “i” is to italicize text.  To do this just highlight the text with the cursor and click on “i”.

    The “b-quote” quick link allows users to block quote text.  This is handy for citing other sources when leaving comments.

    The “u” quick link is used for underlining content within the comments box.

    Click the “img” quick link to enter an image URL into the comments box.

    The next three quick links are for lists.  “ul” is for an unordered list, “ol” defines an ordered list while “li” defines a list item.

    The best way to get proficient using the tags is by experimenting with them and learning them for yourself.  Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

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