Picture of the Day: Comfort Woman Statue Unveiled in Chuncheon

Comfort woman statue in Chuncheon

A child touches a statue symbolizing comfort women in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, after it was unveiled on Dec. 9, 2017. The term “comfort women” refer to tens of thousands of women, most of them Koreans, who were forced into sexual slavery for Japanese soldiers during World War II. (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: Taean Miracle

Miracle of 10 years in Taean

This composite file photo shows an aerial view of Mallipo Beach (top) in Taean, South Chungcheong Province, covered with crude oil from a supertanker after it collided with a maritime crane on Dec. 7, 2007, and, at bottom, the same view of the beach on Dec. 5, 2017. The collision took place in waters off Taean, leaking 12,547 kiloliters of oil that subsequently hit the country’s pristine west coast, devastating fish farms and beaches. The western coast and sea recovered with the sacrifices of more than 1.2 million volunteers a decade after the country’s worst-ever accident of its kind. (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: Strategic Aircraft Fly Over South Korea During Vigilant Ace Exercise

Korea-U.S. joint air force drill

A B-1B Lancer strategic bomber, two F-35A and two F-35B stealth jets of the U.S., and two F-16K and two F-15K fighters of South Korea fly in formation over the Korean Peninsula in this year’s annual joint Korea-U.S. air force drill, Vigilant Ace, on Dec. 6, 2017, in this photo provided by the air force. The exercise against North Korean provocations is the biggest in its history. (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: Hyundai Motor Company Union Strikes Again

Strike at Hyundai Motor

Unionized workers at Hyundai Motor Co.’s factory in Ulsan, 414 km southeast of Seoul, stage a partial strike calling for higher wages and bonuses on Dec. 5, 2017. Earlier in the day, the carmaker’s 51,000-member union declared a strike for four to six hours from Dec. 5-8 at five plants in the city. (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: Pohang Earthquake Causing Some Rice Paddies to Turn to Sand

Traces of quake

Sand fills a paddy in the quake-ridden southeastern port city of Pohang, a clear sign of liquefaction, on Dec. 1, 2017. Earlier in the day, the National Disaster and Safety Management Control headquarters announced that the phenomenon has been confirmed, albeit not serious, in the region hit by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake on Nov. 15. (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: North Koreans Dance In Celebration of ICBM Test

N. Koreans celebrate missile test

North Koreans dance on the streets of Pyongyang on Nov. 30, 2017, in this photo in celebration of their country’s claimed successful test of a new type of an intercontinental ballistic missile. The North’s Korean Central News Agency, which released this photo, said servicepersons and civilians celebrated the test conducted a day earlier, assessed by the outside world as showing advances in the country’s missile technology.  (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: President Moon Thanks JSA Guards

Moon meets JSA guards

President Moon Jae-in shakes hands with a group of South Korean and U.S. soldiers guarding the inter-Korean truce village of Panmunjom, called the Joint Security Area (JSA), at the presidential office in Seoul on Dec. 1, 2017. Moon invited them to praise them for their shrewd response to a North Korean soldier’s defection to South Korea via the inter-Korean border inside the JSA on Nov. 13. (Yonhap)

Picture of the Day: Missile Live Fire from ROK Aegis Ship

Missile drill against N. Korea's missile launch

This photo, released by the Navy on Nov. 29, 2017, shows South Korea’s ship-to-surface missile Haesong-II being fired from the Aegis ship. South Korea’s military conducted a live-fire missile training on the same day near the eastern sea border with North Korea minutes after its ballistic missile launch. (Yonhap)