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The ROK Drop has been active since 2004 and is the longest running blog on the Internet dedicated to Korea, Northeast Asia and the US military.  I am a former USFK soldier who has maintained a long term interest in the region even though I have moved on to other things.  I still travel frequently to the region and really enjoy all the interaction with all the great readers known as “ROK Heads” on the site.  You to can become a ROK Head and join in the conversation by registering at this link.

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Once again welcome to the ROK Drop and I hope you join in the conservation!


  1. I was in Korea,back in ’66/67…I was wondering if anyone can help me with what location/camp I was in….
    I v was in 2nb inf.div…hq company
    That’s all I remember.
    The camp was in a town called (yanjago..I’m sure that’s spelled wrong..then walking thru the town, it was nothing but bars,prostitutes,kids offering you to do their moms,and mom’s and dad’s asking if you wanted to sleep with their daughter..then there was the “turkey farm”..lots of girls behind a fenced area..asking you if you wanted to buy them for 5 bucks..beyond that town was podjuri..another town. With ho’s,drinking hooches, and clubs..GREAT TIMES…lol
    Amyways..can anyone tell me where this was ..or how I can get info?

    • 2id hq was at cp. howze, then. not quite in either of those towns. yongju-gol, paju-ri.

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