“Pinks and Greens” is Moving Closer to Becoming the Army’s New Dress Uniform

It looks like the final decision on the “Pinks and Greens” will be coming soon:

Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey stands with soldier models wearing the proposed Pink & Green daily service uniform at the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia, Pa., December 9, 2017.The U.S. Army will soon make a final decision on whether to switch back to its classic World War II-era dress uniform.

The U.S. Army will make a final decision in a matter of months on whether to switch back to its classic World War II-era “pink and green” dress uniform as part of an effort to more closely link troops to the service’s history, the Army said.

The uniform would replace the current Army Service Uniform — introduced in 2008 — which would be used as a more formal dress uniform.

The proposed change has the support of the Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey, who donned a prototype at the Army-Navy game in December.

“That (World War II) was a point in history where soldiers were highly respected and there was a sense of nationalism in the country. When you looked at them you said that is an American soldier,” Dailey recently said.  (……)

A switch, however, appears inevitable. The Army has showcased the uniform at prominent events, such as the Association of the U.S. Army convention in October and the Army-Navy football game.  [Stars & Stripes]

You can read more at the link, but just like replacing the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) with the current Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) was the right answer despite the ACU’s short life cycle, I think replacing the ASU with the “Pinks and Greens” is the right answer as well.



I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Need to roll back the clock to the 90s so I can use this term this way…


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    What’s wrong, you homophobe. Pink isn’t a tough enough color for the world’s greatest fighting force?

    If it bothers you that much, think of it as salmon.

  3. Pink and green was what they called it because tan was not in vogue, light brown was not even considered, and khaki was still green in those days.

    Of course, given military procurement problems in WW2, some issues could have been pinkish…

  4. C̵̬͋h̶̝͔̱̎̋̋̆i̶͍̩̇͛̔c̴̻̗̅̒́k̵̤͓̋̒ë̵͔̠̺̫́n̴̞̱̈́̏̄̚Ḩ̵͉͖͎̰̄́̀e̷͎̮̣͒͂̎́á̷̧͕̫͇̾d̷͈̂͛͠

    Looks pink to me.

  5. The color isn’t what’s gay. What’s gay is this unnecessary uniform change that’s so transparently the latest in a perpetual sucking off of that generation. Get off it, they weren’t that great. mad

  6. C̵̬͋h̶̝͔̱̎̋̋̆i̶͍̩̇͛̔c̴̻̗̅̒́k̵̤͓̋̒ë̵͔̠̺̫́n̴̞̱̈́̏̄̚Ḩ̵͉͖͎̰̄́̀e̷͎̮̣͒͂̎́á̷̧͕̫͇̾d̷͈̂͛͠ that is ASCII accident waiting to happen…

    Smokes, you’re right, every generation is composed of Mark I, Mod 1,0 humans.

    The USAAC was pretty brave stuff. They had more fatalities than even the Nazi U-Boats. I think most folks look at the WW2 Vets and wish they could be as brave as Hollywood made the men and boys from WW2 look.

  7. I dunno, Smokes and Setnaffa.

    I think about stories of 16 year olds lying about their age to go fight for their country.

    Then I take a look at the average 16 year old these days, or even myself at 16.

    Seems to be a world of difference in morals, character, and courage.

  8. Johnnyboy, my only real connection to WW2 was my grandfather who, at the age of 36, enlisted, got sent to OCS, went to the AAC as a Postmaster, and told us how every other fellow in his OCS class was shot down and died.

    I know they were made of the same stuff we are; but they may have been raised better. I also think we don’t deserve the freedom they gave us because of the ways we abuse it. And we’re liable to lose it if we don’t wake up and smell what’s cooking.

  9. I suppose that isn’t very eloquent or politically-correct. Reagan was much better at that. His 1964 speech, A Time For Choosing captures how I feel much better than what I wrote above.

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