1,200 Foreign Citizens Claim Dokdo as Their Honorary Residence

Here is the latest from the Dokdo frontlines:

Nearly 1,200 foreigners are “living” on the easternmost Dokdo island, according to data released on Sunday.

The foreigners are among 36,000 “honorary residents” recognized by the Dokdo management office on Ulleung Island, an inhabited island west of Dokdo.

They do not actually live there, but are documented as residents in a promotional campaign for the island.

Since 2010, the office has issued “honorary Dokdo residency” to certificate-seeking visitors regardless of nationality to promote South Korea’s sovereignty over Dokdo.  [Korea Times]

I went to Dokdo before 2010 and thus was not offered honorary residence on the island.  Personally I think it is pretty stupid to accept an honorary residence from some place I would never want to live at.



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  1. Wait until Seoul figures out they can tax the “residents”…

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