Suggestive Poster Causes Seoul to Cancel Promotional Campaign In New York

The poster does seem to suggest the model is taking her hanbok off which considering all the sexual harassment cases going on in America, it is probably not a good way to promote your city:

The promotional posters that were going to be used in busy parts of New York. The image shows, from left, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghwamun Square and Dongdaemun Design Plaza. / Courtesy of Seoul City

Seoul City has dropped promotional posters after they drew criticism for sexually objectifying women.

The posters were going to be exhibited in New York City’s Times Square and SoHo, among other areas, including 150 bus stations, from Dec. 18 to Jan 14.

“I thought she was undressing,” said Alex Costilhes, an engineer graduate who lives in New York.“The tagline doesn’t help either. The tagline, with the woman pulling on her dress, gives it a sexual connotation. It could be fixed easily with her just not tugging on that ribbon.”

New York resident Paula Martinez said it had not crossed her mind at first that it was a sexualized image. But “the directorial choice to have the model pulling on the ribbon is kind of weird,” she said. “I can definitely see how it might play into the Western fetishization of East Asian women.Like, that being used to draw white men to come to Korea for tourism. I feel like it’s not that overt, though.”  [Korea Times]

You can read more at the link.



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  1. I think the real problem is her erecťion looks like Seoul tower.

    I can live with that…

    …as long as I am not on the pointy end.

    But it weirds me out that her balls look like an Airbus widebody.

  2. Real nice use of taxpayers money KNTO. I’m sure it cost a pretty 10 won to place ads in Times Square. It’s an ok ad if her hand just wasn’t there.

  3. What do you expect from a bunch of dirty, lecherous ajosshis with sinecure government appointments at agencies like KNTO whose only hobbies are getting drunk, going to room salons and massage parlors using corporate credit cards every chance they can get?

  4. I can’t see the picture, damn you DISA! Someone describe it to me… sensually.. cool

  5. @Smokes at Work
    You’re about to get your happy ending from a classic gisaeng rather than Candy on the Hill. Just one bow away…

  6. Bah… that’s nothing to get worked up over. Hanbok’s ugly anyway; that ridiculous asymmetric bow and the waistline that’s for some reason across the ribcage. The Koreanization to the pre-Chosun era traditional fashion is to blame.

  7. Suggestive? That’s quite a Freudian reach. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

  8. South Korea : How dare you insinuate that comfort women willingly became prostitutes!

    Then they depict a poster of a woman taking her clothes off so foreign men can visit.

    Keep it classy korea!

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