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  1. Not to mention Naver is in bed with Commie president Moon, hides any negative stories about Moon.

  2. Google is well known for the same thing. In some countries they block what the gummint tells ’em to block…

  3. Search engines in Korea are completely fücking worthless… as is all software/internt/webpage/driver/GUI that Koreans make.

    Face it, Korea… you suck at software. Get your shıt together.

    Hardware? Great.

    Software? Better off writing random Cobol commands on scraps of toilet paper and having a baboon pull them out of a hat.

    1. Korean organizational skills are barely human. This ranges from university papers to funding proposals to user interfaces… etc. Also Korean movies which frequently insist on introducing random cluttered subplots that detract from the story.

    2. Korean coders write abysmal code in abysmal ways… and need an àss kicking every time I must deal with it. Laggy complex convoluted undocumented heaps of random shît.

    3. Korean webpages use all the flashy tricks with endless motion and scripts… but are unusable… both because the flashy tricks lag/crash the browser and because the organization of the webpage makes it useless. Don’t worry, the crippled English version which doesn’t contain the pages you really need is also worthless. And even if you find Korean pages, they won’t have the information you need… like specs or drivers or software or whatever for their product. It will have countless scans of I-don’t-give-a-fûck certifications and an itemized list of everything they own more complex than a wrench to show how equipped they are. It will also have a shockingly lo-res map to their factory with east or west facing up… probably to add a layer of difficulty for angry customers who want to throw a brick through their window.

    4. Back to search engines… organized like an oracle throwing chicken bones… except the fückbags selling shît you don’t want are the first on the list. I probably NEVER have found anything on Naver. I use Google… which is a shadow of its usefullness in America. The end result is I don’t buy much in Korea… importing from China or America… cheaper and less hassle.

    5. Korean “anti”-virus software is a mix of ineffective and corrupt… allowing crapware, spyware, and adware to pass if they are “partner companies”… meaning they pay to let their viruses infect your computer.

    6. Korean online shopping SUCKS FUUCKING AZZZZZZZZZZ. Laggy, flashy, script-filled webpages that obfuscate true prices and discourage comparison with all sorts of intentional tricks… both in organization and programming. Alibaba ROCKS. SUCKS. Oh, and Korean prices suck, too.

    Korea needs to get its shît together on software and internet… and online shopping.

  4. CH, you seem to be holding back. Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel!

  5. CH I feel your pain all too well, actually I don’t cause I ain’t in Korea anymore! Woohoo… no baffling UI’s or junked-TH-up sites for me! razz

    Best case of a work related WTF for me; because USFK’s the joint welfare program it is there are a lot of Korean IT people in the mix and here’s my investigation into Korean IT WTF:

    Any time you needed IT support you had to go to this site and fill out a support request form. So I go to fill it out, asks for my contact info no prob, name, email, email again.

    Huh? Email again? The 1st text box where you enter your email isn’t password masked… Why the hell do I have to type it twice when I can clearly see what I’m typing in the 1st box? Ok DoD emails are pretty long and I ain’t typing this junk twice every time so copy+paste here I go. Except when I press CTRL+V with the 2nd textbox having focus I get treated to a message box stating “Sorry for the purposes of this site copy paste has been disabled.”. When I right-click the textbox to bring up the context menu, nothing.


    Ok now I want to see the frigging code. Right-click on the page with intents on clicking “View Source” and no. Another GD message box saying “Sorry viewing of the source is not allowed.” And the site force loads into a new window with no menu bar so yeah FU three times over. Eventually I get into the code and of course the guy who wrote it signed it, and of course because KGS’es never ever leave he’s still here in theater, in the global and there’s his phone number.

    Went like this:
    Me: Mr. Kim why do I have to enter my email twice?
    Mr. Kim: Well someone might type it wrong if they only have to enter it once.

    Me: Mr. Kim you aren’t masking the first field, if they typed it wrong it’s right there to see. Having a 2nd field for verification is for masked fields because you can’t see what you’re typing.
    Mr. Kim: Yes but they could still type it wrong even if they see it.

    Me: So? Fuk that guy, he ain’t getting support then I guess. Don’t punish me for his stupidity.
    Mr. Kim: Heh heh… yes well….
    Me: Mr. Kim, why are you trapping my keypress and mouseclick events?
    Mr. Kim: Huh? I’m sorry what do y…
    Me: Mr. Kim you know what I’m talking about, you trapped the events so people can’t use keyboard shortcuts with the clipboard or view the source of the page. That’s a dick coding move and you know it.
    Mr. Kim: Heh well if they use the shortcuts then they can easily copy and paste the wrong address if they typed it wrong.
    Me: So you’re saying that not only would someone type their own name wrong, they’d ignore that fact as they selected, copied, and pasted it?

    Went on like that for almost 40 minutes, I got nothing but the pleasure of bitching the guy out for shitty site design out of it because of course they didn’t change the site. exclamation

  6. On a side note yeah I’d wager that auction-co-kr is the most junked up POS non-web1.0 website out there. I know Koreans who won’t use that beast. silly

  7. Smokes, you are killing me. I felt every word you wrote.

    Lots of “dick moves” in Korean web coding… not for any reason I can understand… as it doesn’t protect any secret information on the website… but just because they can, it seems.

    Look! I have power over you and your intentions!

    Auction website described as a beast… yes!

    Bonus: I like your idea. I am going to start looking for identifying information on shyt web coders and using a couple of tricks my mom taught me to make their life a little less enjoyable.

  8. Don’t even get me started on that failed presidential candidate’s AnnLabs and Korean IT. It must be the most fucking useless virus laden shit ever.

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