I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Hi all,

    Wanted to give you guys some potentially good news. The sick child that you guys helped raise funds for a while back might be getting sponsored to travel overseas for corrective surgery for his heart defect.

    Thought you guys might like to know and I wanted to thank you all again for the help at the time.

  2. Slowly but surely, this place is closing down … Yongsan Arts & Crafts Center to permanently close down on 17 November.

  3. “Yongsan Arts & Crafts Center to permanently close down on 17 November”

    If it was anything like any of the 2ID ones it realistically closed down in the mid 80’s.

  4. “If it was anything like any of the 2ID ones it realistically closed down in the mid 80’s.”

    I never went to an Arts & Crafts Center in 2ID, so I can’t say from personal experience, but the one at Yongsan is two 2-story buildings and seems to offer quite a bit. I had a former boss who spent most of his free time there building furniture (china cabinets, book shelves, children’s bedroom sets, etc.). I refinished a dining room set there around five years ago. The KGS employees there are pretty helpful also.

  5. Guitar actually my bad, I’m thinking of the hobby shops that were up in 2ID, don’t think I actually saw or went into an A&C shop…

    Nevermind; carry on… silly

  6. I wrote “Guitard” by the way, `the Drop saw fit to auto-correct it without my realization. unamused

  7. Korea not exercising jurisdiction over most USFK crime

    Been a while since we had a good cry over the SOFA. cry

    I enjoy how they misrepresent the situation as one where crime goes unpunished on the whole. Nor do they mention that the RoK most likely is passing on jurisdiction because it’s cheaper to let USFK process it.

    The hypocrisy cherry on the top is this baby:
    “SOFA should be revised immediately to protect our jurisdiction rights and lives and property of our citizens.”
    In the very same article which states:
    “The agreement — approved and enacted in 1967 and revised twice in 1991 and 2001 — states that… …will waive its primary right to exercise jurisdiction upon the request of the US, although it can choose not to. ”

    “choose not to” unamused

  8. Six weeks later, Drivecam trial helps Area II address risks

    Way to use a non-thumbnailed image so undersized and dithered that you can’t read the actual slide, a-holes. exclamation

    Does the 3rd item say “Failed to Keep an Out”? The hell’s that mean? unamused

    Anyway, I’m wondering if they set the metrics realistically and didn’t use US-based ones because you’ll be able to drive that way for about a whole 15 minutes before you realize that shit ain’t going to work.

  9. B R Myers will be at Duke University (North Carolina) on October 17th (Tuesday) at 6 pm at the Rubenstein Library, Room 153. I’m not around Duke University but if anybody is it would be worth the time to check out.

  10. Johnnyboy, the Rotary clubs are all around the world; and they allow people not connected with a church to have fundraisers and send money to organizations promising whirled peas and an end to violins. Or something like that.

    Last I checked, they were active though less successful than the Texas Baptist Men at either (then again, the Baptists were already set up to help people and repair places in Texas, Florida, and even Puerto Rico). But Rotary looks good on your resume, if you have the money to keep up.

    Might be ill-mannered to say it; but folks shouldn’t take credit for what their organization says it does, just what they themselves do. And they shouldn’t blow a trumpet about that, either.

    Speaking of which, I need to be a lot more active this year.

  11. “Anyone know anything about the Rotary Club?”

    Probably will leave you with the feeling you are going around in circles.

  12. I was just curious. Hadn’t ever heard a whole lot about them. Charity Navigator rates them well. The wiki on them sounds good, but didn’t know if anyone here had any personal experiences.

    Apparently, they played a role in arranging for little buddy to get his corrective heart surgery.

  13. @johnnyboy, I have some experience interacting with the Seoul Rotary Club in the past. I have always found them to be quite professional and well run organization. They tend to focus on projects for children such as scholarships and helping orphanages.

  14. No one has really talked about the Puerto Rico hurricane stuff (unless I missed it).
    I am very close friends with the person in charge of the airlift over there (and elsewhere….Houston, ect…this guy hasn’t had a day off, to include weekends, in over two months).
    So I see this:

    To offer some perspective, the port at San Juan was filled with supplies….absolutely overrun with supplies from the US, while Cruz did a photo shoot recently at a local church claiming and wailing, “This is ALL we have received from the US so far!”
    Trump is right about her. She is a parasite. Apparently they have been taking money from us to fix the power grid electrical system for years and invested it in different things, just like New Orleans and the levies, also.
    FEMA has advised to not even talk to her or work with her anymore. She’s that much of a parasite. This is all politically motivated. Very depressing.

  15. @Liz, I think fair minded people understand what is going on with Puerto Rico. The hysterics by Cruz is not helping and is likely politically motivated to move blame from her to the federal government for the lack of preparedness for such a storm. She reminds me a lot of Mayor Nagin after Katrina hit and we all know what eventually happened to Nagin, he is sitting in a jail cell.

    You would think that an island like Puerto Rico that sits in the middle of Hurricane Alley would have emergency supplies stockpiled in various locations around the island and a hardened power grid. It will be interesting to see if any investigations are done afterwards to determine why Puerto Rico was as unprepared as it was.

  16. The September COLA number finally came out. My calculations show a 1.96 percent increase for retiree pay. I don’t know if that will round to 2 percent.

  17. Correction: instead of September COLA number I meant September CPI-W number, used to calculate the COLA.

  18. “It will be interesting to see if any investigations are done afterwards to determine why Puerto Rico was as unprepared as it was.”

    Hispanic culture + island culture + Democrats + long time culture of dependency…

    …those poor, poor people never had a chance.

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