Picture of the Day: The Dictator’s Sister, Kim Yo-jong

N. Korean leader's sister

Shown is a file photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, Yo-jong. She was elected as an alternate member of the Political Bureau of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) at the party’s central committee meeting in Pyongyang on Oct. 7, 2017.  (Yonhap)



I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Boy! You think that the sister of Kim Jong-Un would get a better picture made. This looks like police mugshot!

  2. She looks dangerous. Like she would cut you while you sleep. I wonder if she had a say in the decision to murder their older brother? Jong-un had better watch his back.

  3. One could speculate, that after 10 years on the job, Songtan Sally had the same expression when someone asked for a discount.

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