Picture of the Day: Pro-Park Geun-hye Protest In Seoul

Ex-President Park supporters

A group of supporters of former President Park Geun-hye marches down a street in Seoul on Oct. 7, 2017, after holding a rally to demand the release of Park, who has been on trial for alleged bribery and a few other charges for the past months after her impeachment. (Yonhap)



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  1. I thought the Prosecutors had a “Slam Dunk” case against her? Looks a lot more like a legal coup d’état.

    So, what happens if she’s found “Not Guilty?” Will she be able to get her old job back? What if evidence shows up showing this was a North Korea plot to put Moon into power? A bloodless coup could become quite bloody, you might think.

  2. @MTB Rider, considering the past corruption by Korean President’s, Choi Soon-sil peddling influence to get her daughter’s equestrian training sponsored by Samsung pales in comparison. Plus I have yet to see definitive evidence Park knew of the influence peddling.

    It is pretty clear her impeachment had less to do with corruption and more to do with opposing her agenda. Here is what B.R. Myers had to say about this:

    It’s interesting how the government now characterizes last autumn’s protests as a movement for the entire progressivist package, including accommodation of North Korea. This is in sharp contrast to the local and foreign coverage we all got at the time, when they were presented as a wonderfully bipartisan push to impeach a corrupt president. I don’t remember seeing or hearing much talk about North Korea then. Still, future historians will probably conclude that the driving force behind the protests did indeed oppose Park more for her beliefs than for anything else.

  3. Commies set her up. Straight up coup. So GI saw manufactured evidence made by the leftist. Don’t believe any of it.

  4. @Flying Sword, I thought I made it pretty clear in my comment that I have yet to see definitive evidence that Park knew what Choi was doing. I agree with Myers that she was removed not about corruption, but by the left opposing her agenda.

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