US Army Officer Publicly Promotes Communism Within the Ranks

Much like the ongoing debate about a US military chaplain bashing other religions it seems this US Army infantry officer should find another line of work as well:

A photo of U.S. Army infantry officer and West Point graduate Spenser Rapone was making its rounds online Monday due to the fact that – while in his uniform – Rapone had the words “Communism will win” scrawled inside of his cap.  [Gateway Pundit via a reader tip]

I saw this and I thought this has to be fake, but this is an actual real story.  Over at Task and Purpose they have confirmed that Rapone is actually a commissioned officer now and going through infantry training:

Rapone’s no mere troll. He’s a real socialist, who believes American society should be radically reconceived to make citizens more equal. He’s written passionately about “white supremacist iconography” and “profoundly racist culture” at West Point, which he shares as an alma mater with most of the Confederate army’s officer ranks. But it is his alma mater nonetheless. While he renounces private property ownership as the United States practices it, he owns a little piece of the Great Chain and the Point,and its history is now a part of him. He didn’t destroy USMA; he joined it, and seeks to change America from within. As much as he can, as a serving Army infantry officer, anyway. “Symbolic victories are important,” he writes. For all the radical flair, you could imagine him agreeing with the guarded patriotism of that old classical British conservative, Edmund Burke: “To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely.”  [Task and Purpose]

So I guess it is okay to promote Communism in uniform now.  So what would happen if someone decided to start promoting Nazi ideology in uniform?



I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Someone reported the dude. And his leadership is looking at the evidence. He’ll be lucky to only get a BCD. More likely, he’ll get a General Court, a felony record, and a DD. Even without prison time, he’ll never vote, own a firearm, or get a decent job.

    If the military leadership declines to punish him, he might be the victim of enemy fire on his first deployment. Or an unfortunate boating accident.

  2. And looking deeper, Weinstein, the article’s scribe, is not a patriot. He is also a very partisan player. And he sells half-truths and lies and insults by the metruc ton. He calls West Pointers white racists. Let’s ignore the women and people of color. Weinstein praises Rapone and disses everything about the Army and its traditions.

    GI, why not get an interview from Pyongyang next. I am sure they could tell us what to think about soldiers like Rapone who hate the Constitution and apparently want out of the military now that they have their college education paid for.

  3. Is this Mike Morgan guy serious? hmm Are you Tom? Another Tbone persona?

  4. Other accounts saying he washed out of the Ranger Bat when enlisted and he went to west point because he was inspired by the traitor Manning to ‘infilitrate the military’

  5. This guy needs to keep it on the down low and go to teach “The schools of the Americas”, where he can make buds for the future revolution. Otherwise he’s just going to be a Professor in some 1 star Community College in Bum F^ked Iowa.

  6. Is anyone surprised Rapone is a fan of Chelsea Manning:

    After posting a link to the article on Reddit as SRap1, Rapone expressed his admiration for Chelsea Manning, a transgender intelligence analyst who, in 2009, leaked classified military documents and was convicted under the Espionage Act.

    Earlier, while Manning’s prison release was pending, Rapone posted on Facebook that she set “the example of what integrity and strength of conviction truly entails.”

  7. “expressed his admiration for Chelsea Manning”

    There’s a good way to never have a clearance.

  8. “expressed his admiration for Chelsea Manning”


    I am the first guy in line to stick it to The Man when he starts leaning on Average Americans for personal or institutional gain.

    …but when The Man is on my side and sticking it to some other froggy motherfűcker who is plotting on my way of life… well… The Man can rain píss and napalm on their babies and get a pass.

    And this is the difference between a traitor and a whistleblower.

    Leaking illegal government programs against Americans is the work of heroes.

    Leaking legal governmemt programs against those who want to kill Americans is the work of traitors.

    Snowden and Manning should be executed. They were not selective in their leaks… looking to damage American programs advancing American intetests more than expose wrongdoing against Americans.

    Bonus Thought: Julian Assange is not American and not in America… so American laws do not, should not, and cannot apply. Further, he simply publishes information given to him by heroes and traitors. For this reason, he falls outside this line of legal reasoning and is not subject to some manufactured extraterritorial American law…

    …though, if deemed to be an effective enemy of America by constantly publishing damaging information supplied by traitors, he becomes a valid target…

    …but that is a matter of valid espionage rather than some slippery slope of fake-legal rationalization.

  9. Here is the latest on Rapone. Unsurprisingly he was reported by leadership at West Point for being a communist and apparently the senior leaders did not care:

    The Army officer who outed himself as a radical Marxist had been reported back in 2015 for publishing inappropriate and outright anti-American views online, according to a scathing report obtained by The Daily Caller.

    The report gave details on 2nd Lt. Spenser Rapone’s insubordination at the U.S. Military Academy and out-of-regulations online activity. Rapone graduated almost two years later in 2016. (…….)

    In a social media post that concerned retired Army Lt. Col. Robert Heffington, an Academy history professor at the time, Rapone wrote, “F*ck this country and its false freedom.”

    In November 2015, after being removed from his Ranger battalion for violating standards, Rapone was a cadet in his final year at the academy. According to the report obtained by TheDC, after the latest in a series of incidents involving Rapone’s penchant for insubordination, Heffington became aware of Rapone’s radical leftist activity on social media and notified the cadet’s chain of command.

    “From his various online rantings and posts, it appears that DCT Rapone is an avowed Marxist, which is completely out of line with the values of this nation and its Army,” Heffington said in a sworn statement. “Moreover, CDT Rapone’s posts indicate that he hates West Point, the U.S. Army, and indeed this country. One post dated 16 November 2015 states, ‘F*ck this country and its false freedom.’ He also … even implicitly justifies the actions of ISIS and blames the United States for terrorist attacks.”

    Heffington concluded in his report, “I cannot reconcile the image of a first class cadet at West Point with the things he has posted online for the world to see. To me, these are red flags that cannot be ignored, and I fail to see how this individual can possibly graduate and become a commissioned officer in six months.” [Daily Caller]

    There really should be an investigation of West Point to determine who turned a blind eye to this activity. I am also wondering which member of Congress gave Rapone a recommendation to attend West Point?

  10. How does a guy go from being kicked out of the Rangers to the “Long Gray Line”?

    I made it past the entry barriers to the interview and lost out during the physical fitness competition with two other guys (both captains of multiple sports teams at their high schools).

    I was disappointed to fail; but after this, I’m thinking all those guys with the school ring have got to be a bit sad.

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