I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. I’m so sick of hearing about Irma. Network news is disgustingly over reporting the weather.

    Do we really need a 3 fucking day lead up to a hurricane? I’m pointing the finger of shame at you Fox…

  2. Russia and China sign on to softer sanction sanctions UN resolution on North Korea drafted by US.

    On Monday, the US circulated a draft resolution that called for a full ban on exports of oil to North Korea and an asset freeze on leader Kim Jong Un, the Worker’s Party and the government of North Korea.
    But later in the day, the US put forward another draft that removed the full oil embargo, asset freeze, travel ban for Kim and softened the language on foreign workers and other issues.
    Russia and China both have veto power as permanent members of the Security Council and had expressed skepticism over the initial sanctions proposal.
    The Reuters news agency reported Monday that the sanctions had been softened to appease China and Russia, citing diplomats.

  3. Um, I don’t believe Alex Jones when he says aliens have bases on the moon, why should I believe him when he says Trump has Alzheimer’s?

    Even with shocking, never before released NASA footage!

  4. @Denny

    I had a little humorous wargame back in the late 1970s/early 80s called Rivets (one of those hex map and chits games, just before home PCs took off).

    Anyways, the BOPPERS were sold to all the Tin Horn Banana Republic dictators who were concerned that a palace coup could send them scurrying before their Swiss Bank Accounts were fat enough. The BOPPER units looked a lot like those, and came in 6 types: Big Boppers (Artillery), Jack Boppers (Basic Combat Unit), Rocket Boppers, Dive Boppers (Armed Autonomous Helicopters), Tiny (pronounced Teeny) Boppers (which by game design could attack any unit) and Light Boppers.

    Looks like were reaching Old School Wargames Levels now.

    (Pictured: Big Bopper about to come under fire against two enemy Dive Boppers)

  5. Interesting link, Denny (the second one that is. DIdn’t look at the first and I’m surprised you read Alex Jones)

    We have a drone F16 here. At least one, maybe two. They use ’em to be the bandit.

  6. Tech won’t replace only cashiers and fast food workers. Tech will replace military, truck drivers, and pilots, too.

  7. Preaching to the Choir on that one, Denny. My brother drives a truck, although he may be one of the last to lose his job. Specialty rig operators will last longer than straight freight haulers. He is a vehicle hauler, and he handles high end cars like BMWs and Mercedes.

    If you saw Logan, there is a scene where Logan and X23 come under attack on the freeway. If you watch the scene carefully, you’ll see the trailers are moving them selves. No rig to pull them along. We’re closer than most people think.

    When I was still in the Navy, I had a chance to write a paper on future warfare. I toyed with the idea of remotely flown fighter aircraft off of a smaller aircraft carrier. A return to the pocket carriers of WWII. Never did, as I was at best a Freshman in college, and wasn’t confident of my predictions. Should have written the paper.

    Interesting Video, from 3 years ago.

    I’m glad my son is interested in Engineering and Robotics. He’ll be able to support the old man during my Golden Years. At least for a bit…

  8. “Tech won’t replace only cashiers and fast food workers. Tech will replace military, truck drivers, and pilots, too.”

    For certain. Eventually tech will replace pretty much every occupation, once AI is advanced enough.

  9. “tech will replace pretty much every occupation”

    Good thing I work in tech then eh? wink

    By the time tech figures out how to tech itself I’ll be retired. cool

  10. In the long term, almost anything people do will be done by tech. But, I’m afraid that in the short term the capabilities of current technology is often over-hyped and we get ahead of ourselves.

    There’s an urban legend (maybe true story) from the 90’s of a company trying to sell the military their biometric facial recognition system. The system had earlier been demonstrated to the facility commander and trained to recognize him. During a later demonstration to junior officers, one of them placed the commander’s official 9×12 photo in front of the scanner and the system opened.

    That was 2D facial scanning that we almost never see employed in the real world today. Now, Apple is about to bet the farm by coming to market with a 3D facial scanning system. I will be counting down to the YouTube videos of people defeating those phones with latex masks and makeup, a la Mission Impossible.

  11. Shortly after writing that my hacker brain started wondering if the hi-resolution 3D scanning capabilities of the phone will be available to app developers. Then you will soon have apps where someone asks to take your picture they will also be scanning your face. Take that to a 3D printer and you’ve got your latex mask.

    Never mind roll

  12. Not a security guy, but I think the way to protect against a 3D mask would be to add a passphrase. The computer looks at your facial geometry, and the changes in your face as you say the phrase. Even a Hollywood movie quality latex mask won’t have the same muscle changes in movement.

    I know they used movement down a corridor in one of the Mission: Impossible movies. The camera watching you say “She sells seashells by the sea shore” or “toy boat” three times fast wouldn’t require as much infrastructure as a sensor laden hallway.

  13. Well, now. This is interesting:

    The 450-foot-long vessel is one of three in its class and is specially modified to conduct some of America’s most covert underwater operations. That fact alone — as Keddie points out — makes the appearance of the black and white flag significant. The Carter, according to photos posted in April, also flew the Jolly Roger returning from its last patrol.

    I’m pretty sure this falls under the “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you” protocols.
    But does anybody remember anything odd happening recently?

  14. Harvard pulls Chelsea Manning’s visiting fellow title, but maintains speaking invitation amid backlash

    Meh, I’m good with that. Shouldn’t have extended the title to begin with. However I think the LBGT-Alphabet Soup community should speak out against Manning being tapped to speak on their behalf. Manning’s a rookie and hardly an example of anything but a fuckup. I still maintain that Manning tried to use that community as a deflection of wrongdoing.

    Btw as I’m at work you get the Fox link… razz

  15. Manning should receive the honor of having anal polyps named after him.
    If there are three they can be all three names:
    Sorry, patient, you have a Bradass87 on….your ass!

  16. And speaking of (different varieties of) pirates, I found a pirate-speak translator!

    So, for example, the above post would translate to:
    “Mannin’ should receive th’ honor o’ havin’ anal polyps named aft that scurvey dog. If there be three they can be all three names: Sorry, patient, ye have a Bradass87 on….yer ass!”

    See, it be totally different….arr!
    (you’re welcome)

  17. From the article:
    “Douglas W. Elmendorf stressed that Manning is still invited to talk with students and then host a forum where she would be asked “hard questions” about her story. He said the school never had any intention to honor her or endorse “any of her words or deeds.”

    Yes indeed, I’m sure the LJGTQLMNOP folks at Harvard will ask all the toughest… (can’t use terms like deep, probing, rigorous, or hard when it pertains to Bradass without losing my lunch)…

    “I apologize to her and to the many concerned people from whom I have heard … for not recognizing upfront the full implications of our original invitation,” he wrote.”

    If the above is true you are too stupid to be in charge of a dogie daycare service, let alone anything involving an Ivy League university.

  18. I don’t have to like the speech to respect one’s right to express it.

    A quick look at f-twat’s FB shortly after Aholebama let them out of jail shows all the hallmarks of a pro-troll. I’d not waste my time with any level of discourse with f-twat or their supporters.

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