I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. How sad does one’s life have to be to spend hours every day criticizing people one has never met?

    And yet that seems to be the lot of our Democrat fellow travelers.

    Maybe we could get the Senate to agree to grant people discounted psych counseling if they voted for Hillary or Bernie or Egg McMuffin…

  2. Leadership in the USAF is getting better and better.

    Goldfein has implemented a policy that allows leadership to use their discretion and ignore AFIs (AFI is the new word for what was once referred to as regs/regulations).
    I’ve never head leadership say it’s okay to ignore regulations. Not sure what the other branches of service are doing, but this is huge.

  3. Stop the imposter! Never once in the years I’ve been here have I ever used the teehee like the new imposter girlie girl is doing.

  4. Well, that’s a relief. If we have to have a dude who giggles like an embarrassed schoolgirl in the room…at least there’s only one.

  5. Frankly, I’d rather we avoid TPP, Paris, and all the rest of those fiascoes. If some American beef cost more in Japan, it really only hurts the Japanese. And aren’t we supposed to be growing fewer Methane-farting cows anyway?

    I can’t keep track of the schizophrenic leftist talking point any more. And frankly, why bother. They change to whatever they think Trump is against at the drop of a hat.

    Now, back to Osan AB. Who is nearby?

  6. Reasonability test: The TPP was only signed last year. What was life like before that?

    Next: The TPP opened us up for the option for foreigners to sue our government for their lost profits. Socialized costs, privatized gains. Sounds like a lemon to me.

  7. This is why partial information stories are a problem. The entire nation might be screwed…but listen to these soy bean farmers! Trump sucks!

  8. LOL I can’t stand him either, Smokes.
    No Zuckerberg for president!
    (UNLESS he runs against Hillary…or for that matter, Chelsea. Can’t think of anyone else on earth I hate more than those two)

  9. And now North Korea plays one of its “Hostage Chips.”

    (CNN) — A Canadian pastor imprisoned in North Korea has been freed after two and a half years in detention.

    Hyeon Soo Lim, North Korea’s longest-held western prisoner in decades, was “released on sick bail” Wednesday by the country’s top court for “humanitarian” reasons, state-run news agency KCNA said.

    Lim’s son, James Lim, received word over the weekend that a plane carrying senior Canadian officials, a medical doctor, and a letter to North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was dispatched to Pyongyang “at the last minute,” according to family spokeswoman Lisa Pak. The plane landed in the North Korean capital

    Still playing from the standard playbook. Fatty releases a hostage, the Media will now play it up as him trying to be reasonable, and why can’t Donald Trump at least try to meet him halfway?

    Honestly, I don’t want a war as my mom-in-law as well as many friends are in country. But at the same time, I don’t want Fatty trying to pop a nuke over where my family and I live and work now. White Sands was a high priority target for the Russians back in the day, not sure where it ranks for Kim and cohorts.

    ~Scoops McGee

  10. Seoul city gov’t tests soil, water near U.S. base for contamination

    Kind of laughable how they’re so eager to test that dirt that they can’t wait until they actually have access to the base. What does a soil test outside the wall on a patch of ground USFK never controlled or used prove? You know when they eventually get in they’ll head right for the motorpools which of course are going to yield results. Other than cruddy dirt from 60 year old parking lots anything that’s found would have to be from way back considering Yongsan’s been pretty much a giant admin post for decades. envy

    Should USFK chip in to pay? Probably; will they? Who knows. Will the RoK try to wiggle the hell outta of the binding agreement where they took on 100% of the cleanup costs? Absokimcheelutely! cool

  11. GI, can you investigate using a comment system like Discus that allows us to block individuals we don’t want to follow? I’m not recommending Discus per se; but that and a working “Edith Button” might help folks enjoy more about your fabulous site.

  12. Not really a fan of labelling the a-hole in Charlottesville a terrorist. Won’t the murder, multiple attempted murder, vehicular whathaveyous, and the 30 other charges they pile on this be enough?

    Using the moniker terrorist in this fashion politicizes it and lessens it’s impact and meaning. It’s not like the guy drove his vehicle into a group of Orthodox Nuns or Buddhist Monks. These were two groups that looked to have come to do battle Braveheart style.

    More importantly I haven’t seen anyone hit on why crap like this is going on. The absolute failure of local and state governments to bring the hammer down on the lawlessness that transpired on college campuses over the last 6 – 8 months and allowing these aggressive protests to run rampart with nary a peep basically said to all these activist groups that you could do what you want cause we aren’t getting involved. This escalation was bound to happen.

    And yes I’d say the same thing if it were an Antifa guy who drove into the crowd of redneck KKK’ers. Both these groups have penchants for violence and pushing the envelope.

  13. Exactly how many times do I have to remind you I’m not a Republican? Nor do my ideals reside on the right? Did you not see me wage a 1 vs 10 fight regarding Transgenders in the military on here? I sure as shit didn’t get any help from you.

    I didn’t see Trump’s speech, it’s the weekend, I try to avoid the news. Only reason I heard about this is because it’s all over the GD internet.

    Until this incident I couldn’t say the last time I heard about overt violence at a KKK’ish rally but then again I’m not obsessed with racism so I ignore those a-holes. White power idiots for the most part have kept off the radar because pretty much no one is onboard with their message and they’ll get swiftly overrun if they did anything other than march in their stupid robes waving that reminder of a failed state that is the `Federate Flag.

    I don’t need a moral equivalence whatever the F that means. It right there to see on the internet:
    When a gaggle of that meets a gaggle of this:
    What do you think’s going to happen when the campus riots and lawlessness of BLM is ignored by local government for fear of “looking bad”? Someone’s going to push and push and push.

    As for your VA Gov.; anyone who says “we are a nation of immigrants. Unless you’re Native American” can go fuck themselves. I’m no immigrant, I was born here, I am native fucking American. In this particular case I guess he can partially go fuck himself since he’s trying to defuse a situation and unite the front but that’s a term that really pisses me off.

    By the way genius, it’s well established that your boy Obama was the one who ripped open this divide.

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