I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. Setnaffa, nothing here for me any longer.

    Tbone runs in, takes a shít, and ten people can’t get together to downvote him out of existence.

    Instead, everyone wants to play with the turd.

    I have found my desire to check in is now measured in days rather than hours.

    My desire to see more Tbone is somewhere between eating a ball of raw hamburger meat rolled across a barbershop floor and being the focus of a Batammariba gang bang.

    My desire to comment has vanished.

  2. CH, see my comment in the other thread. I downvote the Fake Tbone Troll every time I see him, but that’s only 2 votes at best. Phone and desktop computer. I need help in rounding up the other 8 votes.

    GI, I know it’s your site, and that you are dedicated to allowing folks to speaking their mind. But seriously, the Fake Tbone isn’t even accidentally entertaining. And he is hijacking another regular user’s handle.

  3. “nothing here for me any longer”

    Yeah you say that now but considering there are really no other web forums that are Mil/Korea based you won’t be gone long:
    The Marmot boarded up his hole almost a year ago and that place was in the censorship/smug gutter anyway.
    Expathell’s been defunct for like 4 years
    Popular gusts is English teacher based.
    AAK is a fake Korean spouting liberal junk.
    EYK… seriously? EYK?

    I guess you’d still have Busan Haps but I don’t think they have much of an interactive community and besides, it’s pretty much just Busan or southern based stuff.

  4. I agree with CH. Tbone poisons the blog. I vote him off the island.

  5. Trolling is why I installed the vote down and flagging options. 10 vote downs or 5 flags will get rid of the comment. I am hesitant to make it any lower than that because legitimately good comments may get removed. I think ignoring trolling and then voting or flagging a comment to make it go away is the best option.

    In regards to sock puppets I have flagged IP addresses but that is very easy to get around which once again makes voting down or flagging the best options.

  6. But many get tired of swatting at the same fly… I’d accept my posts getting deep-sixed if it meant less of “Our Mutual Friend”.

  7. Fairly sure most of us here knew all about CH’s bar.

    Sounded like a blast while it lasted.

  8. Tbone you did some research eh? Were you wearing a lab coat? Were test tubes involved? Were you self-funded or operating under a grant? Any animals harmed?

    Opening IE, typing: and do a few web searches hardly qualifies as research and I wish cancer upon anyone using the term that way. Cancer of the pee-hole. mad

  9. CH, Tbone does invoke my curiosity though… twisted

    I knew you had several bars back in the day but at the time I did my own poking around the web and found out it was after-the-fact. Would’ve swung by for some laughs and beers. Never knew you made the list down in A3 though so… what’d they put you on for? For my guess I’m going to pass on PHT cause that’s more a Korean owner thing, I’m going to say…. serving to minors or some junk related to FP. neutral

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