ROK Presidential Advisor Says THAAD Environmental Assessment will Take 1 Year

To properly study the effects the THAAD system has on putting greens and sand bunkers the environmental assessment has to be conducted through four seasons according to this ROK Presidential advisor:

THAAD site on former South Korean golf course outside of Seongju.

The adviser also said that the environmental assessment that South Korea plans to conduct over the U.S. THAAD missile defense system could take one year because the study should take into consideration the deployment’s impact over four seasons.  [Yonhap]

Here are the questions I have which I doubt any journalist will bother tracking down.  How long did the environmental assessment take to approve bulldozing the top of a mountain and installing the golf course where the THAAD site is?  Also how long did the environmental assessment to install the ROK military’s Green Pine radars take?



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  1. Easy. Every visa to the US now requires at least a full year environmental study. In fact anything korea wants delay it all the length of this BS study. Moon is a moron.

  2. Plays into China’s hands. We need to appear strong but not petty. Asians have bee bureaucrats since before Moses.

  3. If we have 16 THAAD missiles deployed, I could see the DPRK considering launching 17 ballistic missiles at southern targets as an extreme option for a provocation.

  4. @sfasdfsadf, if the North Koreans launched 17 missiles into South Korea that would likely lead to extreme retaliation and possibly a regime change ending war.

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