Army Investigating Allegations of Soldiers Sharing Nude Pictures

It will be interesting to see how the Army investigates this because you would think these posters are not using their real names:

The Army is looking into allegations that some soldiers may be involved in an image-sharing message board where troops from all branches of the service are allegedly crowdsourcing naked pictures of female service members.

“Special agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command’s specialized Computer Crime Investigative Unit are currently assessing information and photographs on a civilian website that appear to include U.S. Army personnel,” Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said in a statement to Army Times.

The special agents are working to “determine if a criminal offense has occurred,” Smith said.

First reported by Business Insider, the Army’s inquiry comes one day after news broke about AnonIB, a website where purported male service members request naked pictures of their female counterparts by name, rank and duty station. The Business Insider report also said the men allegedly were cyber-stalking and sharing nude photos of their female colleagues.   [Army Times]

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    …or is like abortion vs. child support…

    …where women scream for 100% freedom but want to push off as much responsibility as possible?

  2. I wonder how lucrative an arm band solidarity “protest” campaign might be.
    I could sell little solidarity arm bands with a silhouette series of mudflap girls.
    They’re already wearing pink faux-vaginas on their heads…
    I think this idea could really catch on!

  3. Having your nude picture shared on the internet pretty much qualifies as a rape.

    There should be a zero tolerance policy on the extreme rape culture in the military.

    White males need more weekend training.


  4. If they all self-identified as female when distributing the photos would it still be a crime or would it just be gossip?

  5. What happens if a service member willingly shared their own nude photos on one website (like craigslist, etc.), but didn’t approve of it being posted on anon1b? If sm’s were to be charged for willingly posting their own nude photos online, that would be too many cases for JAG to handle, lol.

  6. I suppose it’s not going to matter at the end of they day when we find out somewhere around 99% of these pics were given out voluntarily by the “victims”.


    See? This is what happens when you include things in UCMJ that have no place in UCMJ. There are already civilian laws dealing with this type of transgression, let the victims report it to local law enforcement to handle where it belongs.

    By including items that don’t explicitly pertain to issues that would only ever exist in the military you assume ownership. Why is leadership being bogged down playing cops and entire components being held accountable for the actions of individuals?

    We don’t hold the civilian populace to the same standard. Is it acceptable to call in the governor of a state to answer as to what’s being done to prevent every instance of every crime committed by members of their state?

    This grandstanding is an immense waste of time. question

  8. Don’t worry.

    This investigation has discovered gay servicemembers are sharing same-sex photos.

    While they may no longer be an Obama-grade protected class in government, this should cause the leftist civilian media to back off of the story a bit.

  9. @Smokes, the thing that bothers me the most about this issue is that they are equating this with sexual assault. This is not sexual assault and trying to claim it is just cheapens the meaning of the term. This is clearly inappropriate photo sharing not sexual assault and anyone claiming otherwise is just grand-standing.

    Here is power tip #1 for everyone, if you don’t want nude photos of you distributed don’t take them in the first place. Here is power tip #2, if you have nude photos of someone, don’t be a dirtbag and share them on the Internet.

    Finally this is not a new issue; it is just that the Marines got tied to it this time. Where was Congress all the media scrutiny when civilians were caught sharing nude photos and no one was charged with any crime? I do like what the Superintendent at the school that had their own nude photo scandal had to say:

    “I think the solution to the problem is education, it’s good quality parenting and it’s information about yeah know decisions we make today how they might affect us tomorrow,” said Superintendent George Welsh.

  10. This grandstanding is an immense waste of time.

    And resources. Can’t imagine how much of a time waster this investigation has been.
    I hope CH is right though. LOL! If homosexuals (or transgender folks) are sharing….it might just make them back off a little. Congress isn’t sure what to do about that yet.
    Yet another waste of resources, the trans-gender situation (integration, medical expenses).

  11. The left still wants to destroy our military, so it’s all part of their plan…

  12. So, except for needing to be protected from their own photos, harsh words, and sexually-impure thoughts, womyn are ready to stand up in combat units, eh?

    My initial reaction is to demand the complainers “make me a sammich”; but, midway through my cancer treatment, I’m not tough enough to eat the sandwich, much less stand up to an angry four year old…

  13. And, just to set the record straight, I stand up when a combat vet walks into the room I’m in. Male or female.

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