Korean-American Business Owners Particularly Hit Hard By Baltimore Riots

Despite people doing damage and theft like this we are not supposed to call them thugs?  What else should this behavior be called?:

Image via the Korea Times.

Richard Sung Kang’s American dream shattered along with his liquor store’s window during the Baltimore riots earlier this week.

The 49-year-old Korean immigrant saw his liquor store and bar, the Oxford Tavern, wrecked by a group of violent rioters following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died of a spinal injury he apparently received while in police custody. Despite Sung closing the front door, the looters smashed the window and plundered the establishment. Even the store’s ATM was torn out, leaving a gaping hole in the exterior wall of the building.

“This is America. I wanted to follow my dream and wanted to make something for myself,” Kang told the Associated Press. He added that it was only his first year of owning the business and was unsure of reopening the store, as it could mean taking on more debt and paying higher insurance premiums.

“The most important thing is, I have to move on,” Kang said as his locksmiths worked on his doors. “But is it better to rebuild and start again or give up and find some other place? I don’t know.”  [KoreAm Journal]

You can read the rest at the link, but according to the article 200 small businesses were unable to open after the riots with 40 Korean-American owned businesses among them. If many of these businesses do not re-open than that will just further cause economic problems in area already economically depressed in the first place.



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  1. You can attempt to murder someone by taking away their life…

    …or you can attempt to murder someone by taking away their livelihood.

    One death is just slower than the other.

    Like any other deadly threat, looters should be killed when caught in the act… either by the owner or by the police… and decent society should applaud.

    It is disgusting that so many in fake media and on the government tit, who have never actually had to think/work on their own with nobody backing them up, sympathize with the looters “showing their anger” rather than with the business owners who work hard to provide benefits to society in a system that is already stacked against them in so many ways.

    Crapping on those who create wealth is not what made America great… and it will be the attitude that brings America down when there is no more money/trust left to borrow from those who create fake wealth and give it to those who refuse to produce.

  2. I must agree. Looters are essentially pirates and terrorists. Regardless of the validity of their original protest, vandalism, theft, and mayhem are not valid measures to get the problems addressed.

    If we don’t try to follow the laws created by the people we elect, if we don’t try to avoid hurting others, we have NO reason to expect anything different from those we have attacked. And in fact, if we discard the social contract, we expose ourselves to something much worse than a mob. We expose ourselves to a government that “must suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights for the duration of the current emergency” which leads to “Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.”

  3. EGGHEAD says…
    “You can attempt to murder someone by taking away their life…”

    You’re such an EGGHEAD, “by taking away their life” it isn’t a “murder attempt” you F****** EGGHEAD.

    You’ve got it all backwards you F****** EGGHEAD!!!

    But go ahead EGGHEAD I’ll give you a chance to straighten it out though I doubt you can.

    EGGHEAD says…
    “…or you can attempt to murder someone by taking away their livelihood.”

    There, you did it again you IGNORAMUS DELUSIONAL LUNATIC

    HEY STUPID EGGHEAD, once you take away a livelihood there ain’t not “attempt” happening…DUH!!!

    Your tongue is WARPED!!!

    EGGHEAD says…”It is disgusting that so many in fake media”

    As if you have an ounce in the media game, you got no credibility on what is “fake” or what isn’t…DUH!!!

    EGGHEAD is a LUNATIC just like Georgia Councilman/Terry Ernst(see photo): Shoot The Looters

    Terry Ernst is a Peachtree City, Georgia(SOUTHERN GOP DELUSIONAL HICK) councilman and a former captain in the Peachtree City Police Department and he thinks the police should have the authority to ‘shoot looters.’

    Sorry you COP dork and EGGHEAD. that just ain’t the way America is. You’d think Terry LUNATIC Ernst would realize this but of course EGGHEAD is just a follower following those LUNATIC GOP’ers.

    “What’s startling about a post at The Citizen, is that it’s authored by two people, one of which is a former police officer and is now employed as a councilman. It’s not just penned by some random guy.

    The column refers to the protests in Baltimore over Freddie Gray’s death.

    Read the code words in this column.

    Via The Citizen:

    “John Crawford, a young black man with a toy gun in Walmart was gunned down by police officers while he was talking on his cellphone. Last November, Cleveland police officers killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice for playing with a toy gun in a park near his home. This list goes on and on and on.

    In January, after Ohio State’s national title win over the Oregon Ducks, property was destroyed, fires were started all over town. The difference is, white people were rioting but the media called it a ‘celebration.’ The rioters were not called ‘thugs.’”

    When a person breaks the law, the police are supposed to arrest them, not shoot them dead. Innocent until proven guilty is still a thing but…

    …Terry Ernst(and DUMB AZZ EGGHEAD) wants to do away with that.”

    “I can’t believe we have to explain that to an elected official and former cop. While he claims (several times) it’s not about race, it is.

    And FFS, Ernst has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, according to his bio. I’ll bet he’s ‘pro-life,’ too.”

  4. A business is not a life. In America most legit businesses buy insurance…hence how and why CVS is going to build again in Baltimore after thy building was burnt down and looted. Why is it that Koreans leech off “poor uneducated black thugs” and whine about it when their leeching comes to an end for no reason other than their own failure to purchase insurance? Most businesses fail/people lose/go bankrupt/etc…everyday but that doesn’t justify killing anyone you EGGHEAD(S).

  5. “You can attempt to murder someone by ATTEMPTING TO take away their life…”

    There. I fixed it for me.

    While the first form was valid, as it suggested a method of murder rather than an actual murder, I understand Tbone is very strict about precision in writing… as demonstrated by his textbook compositions.

    I will strive to increase the accuracy of my communication.

    Tbone has mastered normal English, and much like Picasso’s later years of painting, has turned his communication into a form of abstract or surreal performance art.

    “HEY STUPID EGGHEAD, once you take away a livelihood there ain’t not “attempt” happening…DUH!!!”

    The use of “ain’t not” is very avant-garde.

  6. “hence how and why CVS is going to build again in Baltimore after thy building was burnt down and looted.”

    Why doth thou saith this building be mine?

  7. So tbone now insists that those who open stores in predominantly black neighborhoods are not normal business owners risking their money to provide services and make a profit, they are just greedy leeches.

    I hope he only shops from the honest black-owned businesses, including phone, internet, and power utilities, computer stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and especially drug stores.

    I think it’s a really ra ist form of narcissism to use the internet to blame all races for blacks living in what amounts to their own crapulence.

    Blacks vote for Democrats and sink deeper and deeper into hopelessness.

    Democrats, understanding blacks have no self-awareness, often state that line about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat.

  8. And I must apologize for any inconvenience the lack of eloquence may create in your mind, dear reader.

    There are those who want to destroy our civilization. Some are jlazy and ealous, some are full of hate over real or imagined slights, all are worthy of contempt.

    When life knocks you down, intelligent people look to help each other. Look at the way some communities respond after severe weather. Then look at the places destroyed by the people who live there.

    Narcissism is not smart, it’s a mental illness.

  9. Oops.

    ra ist racist

    jlazy and ealous lazy and jealous

  10. I can’t remember where the official Baltimore thread is…

    …but one of the reasons for the Marilyn Mosby attempted cover-up action has been revealed.

    Her office actually asked the police department, in writing, to step up enforcement in that area. This area is in her husband’s district. He gets to be “tough on crime”, she gets easy drug convictions.

    But, as soon as the police step up enforcement, she is all over them for (legally) chasing a running suspect and arresting the suspect for a knife (that is being hidden from the public) which appears to be illegal.

    This is a clown show.

  11. The Freddie Gray Autopsy has come out of hiding despite attempts of the prosecution to suppress it…

    He was placed on his stomach on the floor. There are very legitimate and standard policing reasons why this was done. He was not placed on the seat so seat belts are a non-issue.

    Even though his wrists and ankles were shackled, the report theorized he likely stood up in the moving vehicle. This action was unnecessary and is fully his responsibility.

    His toxicology report showed the presence of opiates and cannabinoid.

    There have got to be some good examples of police behaving badly that should cause ALL Americans to riot. So far, the ones trotted out for Black Grievance Industry consumption seem to only be for energizing ignorant and low-intelligence blacks while filling the white population with irritation and resentment.

    Thanks, Obama.

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