Korean Juicy Bar Owners Respond to USFK Drink Buying Ban

Unsurprisingly the Korean bar owners are unhappy with USFK’s decision to bar troops from buying drinks inside of bars for juicy girls:

A month-old U.S. Forces Korea policy banning servicemembers from buying drinks for “juicy bar” workers in exchange for companionship has angered some bar owners, who say it unfairly labels them as “pimps” and is hurting other establishments that cater to troops.

“It’s nonsensical to treat us as if we are whorehouses,” said Yi Hun-hui, owner of the Cadillac Club near Camp Humphreys. Now, he said, some local bar owners are talking about going into a different line of work because they’re angry at the military. “These were people who liked USFK. They were people who supported USFK, and now they’re embarrassed.”  (………..)

The organization’s Pyeongtaek branch already has asked for support from the city mayor and National Assembly members. It is collecting signatures on a petition from businesses, local citizens and civic groups throughout the city, he said. That petition will be sent to U.S. military officials on the peninsula later this month.

Yi, who employs seven Filipina women, said he ordered his female workers to wear jeans and T-shirts instead of skirts and low-cut tops after the Oct. 15 policy letter was issued.

“I did this so USFK would stop its narrow-minded view that our female employees are hookers,” he said.

It was unclear how or whether the new policy was affecting business for other bar owners. Five claimed the policy change was driving down sales for others, though all of those interviewed denied that their own bars had been hurt by the ban.

Lee Deok Bum, said business hasn’t dropped in recent weeks at Sportsman, his 15-year-old bar in Dongducheon, which employees five Filipina women, but he said he and other bar owners in the city are angry about the new USFK rule. He accused the U.S. military of judging South Korean bars by American cultural standards, not by what is acceptable in Korea.

Some bar owners have complained the new policy is unclear and appears to ban servicemembers from buying drinks for anyone, even friends. The policy letter, however, bans only buying drinks and other items for an “employee’s company or companionship, inside or outside a bar or establishment.”

An official at the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family said the ministry has received no complaints about the new policy from bar owners. The ministry began inspecting businesses that hire foreign entertainers, including some outside U.S. military bases, earlier this year in an effort to reduce human trafficking.

Seo In Ho, owner of Xanadu bar outside Osan Air Base, said most bar owners have interpreted the new policy to mean their USFK clientele can’t buy drinks — even water — for anyone else. One of his friends, a male servicemember, now tells Seo that he can’t even buy the bar owner a drink, and Seo said the ban on buying drinks for companionship is discouraging troops from going to bars at all.

He said all bar owners are being treated as if they are running brothels, and some women who work at bars are quitting because they feel like they’re being treated as prostitutes.

“Our self-respect has been hurt,” he said. [Stars & Stripes]

You can read more at the link, for the bar owner complaining about USFK using American cultural standards to judge the bars, he is absolutely right.  However, USFK has to worry about what is going on back in the US and what Koreans find acceptable is irrelevant when the US military is being routinely criticized by special interest groups.  That is what likely drove the change in policy for USFK since the special interests were gearing up to go after them over the juicy girl issue.

Also I find it hard to feel sorry for these shady juicy bar owners who have been ripping off GIs for years with the juicy girl business model and over priced drinks. With that said I still think USFK should have at least given these bar owners a carrot by making the new policy stipulate that bars that employ third country nationals would be put off limits due to human trafficking concerns.  This would leave the bar owners with the option of employing Korean women which would be much more difficult for USFK to be accused of supporting human trafficking with.  I am surprised though that these bar owners have not come up with workarounds to this policy yet instead of complaining to the Stars & Stripes.



I am a US military veteran that has served all over the world to include in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. I have been blogging about Korea, Northeast Asia, and the US military for over 10 years.


  1. “making the new policy stipulate that bars that employ third country nationals would be put off limits”

    Sheesh had to get that in there… it’s like BB Bell’s Bedtime line for you…

    “option of employing Korean women”

    Hmm how to say this not raunchily… “sorry joe, chosun clam too pure for weigook, here you try discount Asian clam from south east…”

    Have you seen the quality (word used as loosely as possible) of the ladies of the night on the hill? That’s what Ajeoshi will accept and that’s how it’s gonna be so that’s the kind of girl? you’d see in the ville clubs: 50, haggardly, slightly insane, and a bit rude. You know it’d be like slapping a wig on RetiredGI and making him walk the Stanley Ville in heels and a mini… yikes!

  2. “50, haggardly, slightly insane, and a bit rude.”

    i.e., most of the dependent wives at the Town House on a weekday afternoon.

  3. They use that same picture for all juicy bar stories. Aren’t there any other pics?

  4. “They use that same picture for all juicy bar stories. Aren’t there any other pics?”

    It turns out the whole juicy bar thing was a media-created myth.

    That picture was taken in Denmark and is actually of the Bolivian and Paraguayan contestants having a smoke before the sexy dress portion of the 1994 Little Miss Teen World Beauty Contest.

    Like the mythical Midget of Toko-ri, there are no actual pictures of juicy girls in Korea.

    Don’t believe me? Google “juicy girl Korea” and you will see the same 4 pictures that Stars&Stripes, ROK Drop, and a few feminist publications keep recycling over and over… along with a few more obviously taken in the Philippines.

    Of course if you ask anybody, including guys here, they will CLAIM there are juicy girls… but it is just because they are expected to. Can you imagine if you were the only person who came to Korea and admitted you couldn’t find a juicy? Nobody would believe you.

    It is easier to make up stories or repeat the urban legends you heard over and over from other guys so you look like a stud instead of a pudd.

  5. “They use that same picture for all juicy bar stories. Aren’t there any other pics?”

    There are but ChickenHead owns the rights to them and won’t let anyone else use them. Something about “cherished memories of a day long past” or something…

  6. Smokes is just jealous because he can’t get it up. Chickenhead hordes the pictures of those Filipinas because he needs them to wack off on.

  7. I believe the words you’re looking for are “hoard” not “horde” and “whack” not “wack”. Sheesh the Canadian Public School System needs to step it up.

  8. Smokes, you are wrong. Tom is right.

    I horde the pictures with a large group in a display of overwhelming force and I wack off on them, calling them worthless and stupid.

    I do hoard pictures of Tom’s mom, though I don’t whack off on them…

    …as donkey show pr0n is really more of a novelty item.

  9. I believe the words you are looking for are “Smokes, you are a studly god of Gangnam’s most prestigious VIP rooms and I ChickenHead am the backup mop boy at various Hooker Hill dives.”.

  10. Smokes, you are a studly god of Gangnam’s most prestigious VIP rooms’ glory holes.

    Fixed that for you.

  11. Well, it’s about time USFK did something! I mean come on….Fox News came back in what the year 2000??? and all that happened was the nude dancing and VIP rooms went away, whoopdy doo! There are a few VIP rooms back in existence and some pole dancing going on, if you know where to go. As far as drinks go, there aint a bar with Filipina girls that you can go in and buy them a drink for less than $20! Sure, on occasion you can widdle it down to an extremely tiny glass of juice for $10 but that is not common…the real deal is you will spend anywhere between $20 to $60 just to buy a Filipina girl a beer! (and talk to her) Come on! The Korean bar owners can cry, whine and bitch all they want….if they arent rich by now than they blew their money because GI’s a many have wasted a paycheck in 1 or 2 nights EASILY! Many one night millinonnaires have processed through the bar circuit! And the truth is 9 out of every 10 bars you go in you can buy the girls night NO PROBLEM! Now this guy that owns Sportsman, I know him and his wife and they dont do the “buy the girls night” routine, shit, they even lock them in and have CCTV, which btw is illegal IAW USFKs Human Trafficking and Prostitution rules so why doesnt USFK put places like this off limits for not giving the girls freedom while not working??? Sure, many will run away or get pregnant but hell, if they get pregnant, send their ass back home! Besides, when they do go out to buy groceries, go to the bank, shop, etc…they still manage to go get some GI Dik whenever they can and most of the clubs like I said have a way for a guy to pay for a girl so there, the truth is out for those too ignorant to realize Korean bar owners are all mostly bullshit, screw them, I hope all the bar are put off limits! I used to like going around, getting to know the bar owner, running up a tab to over a grand and than never paying! That’s how I said FU to them for the BS they pull on Filipinas and bands! What sucks is they always took it back from the Filipinas by not giving them their “Drink back” money, which today is anywhere from $2 to $4 for a $20 drink! Oh and Chickenhead, the pictures used are from TDC….I actually knew a few of the girls from these old pictures… smile

  12. Oh, dude… I might be wrong.

    I found a picture of those girls you knew from TDC on their blogs and it’s true.

    It didn’t make any sense to me, though. They said you were a great lover. Then they said you “sucked”. It’s like they couldn’t make up their minds.

    And what the hell did you steal from them? They said you “always took it”. Don’t take anything from these girls. They don’t have much to begin with.

    I’d have to drink a couple extra soju kettles to be into those girls, though. They don’t look right.


    But good luck. Thanks for setting me straight. I guess there must be some juicies somewhere.

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