Korean Sex Wave Comes to Japan

Apparently the crackdown on prostitution in Korea has created a surge of sex tourism in Japan.

South Korean men are pouring into Japan to use the country’s imaginative sex businesses, literally creating cultural friction, but that by no means suggests there’s any trouble, says Shukan Post (6/3). Korean men having a proclivity for Japanese sex workers is nothing new.

Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Il’s son and once heir apparent, revealed when he was nabbed in Tokyo in 2001 that he frequented high class brothels in Tokyo’s Yoshiwara soapland district.

But now growing numbers of average Korean businessmen are partaking in the pleasures of the flesh like never before.

And I thought Kim Jong Nam only wanted to see Disneyland. I wonder if Bae Yung Joon made stopped by one of these soap lands during his last tour of the country?

Here is something that will make all Koreans proud:

Bubble babes, the women working the soaplands, are pleased to fire up the men from the Land of the Morning Calm.

“I’ve serviced about five Korean guys so far. They’re all very gentlemanly at first. They’ve all had military training, too, so they’re fit, really go it hard and want it time and time again. I start feeling it for real and am exhausted by the end of a session,” one worker says. “I suppose the biggest impression left on me is that all the time we’re going at it, they keep asking me in broken Japanese, ‘Am I better than a Japanese guy or what?'”

This is probably going to please many Koreans when reading this but keep in mind that this only further validates the point I made in my prior posting about the Korean inferiority complex. As long as Koreans feel like they have to compare themselves to Japan even when having sex with a prostitute, the country will never fully recover from the Japanese colonization. Koreans need to learn to just be comfortable with who they are.

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